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I lost the power adapter for the this unit, and I'm looking for a replacement. I don't know the size of the power barrel connector, and I don't have a caliper on hand. Was wondering if anyone with this unit could tell me the size of the connector?
When I first bought my Ms-1 I didn't think they were that great. It took me a year and a cmoy to really appreciate the sound. In terms of the AD700, what they really lack is excitement. By the way it would help if you burned them in before listening to them again.
Well if its mainly for rock music then grados are definitely the "it" phone, blues I guess theyd still be pretty good at, although the sennheiser's laid back sound might be better. If we go by amazon pricing then the sr60is are 80 bucks, considering that the sr80i only costs 20 bucks more i definitely think thats the better buy. However the Ms-1 is like improved sr80i, not to mention it includes international shipping.   As for Dac/Amp combo I think you should be...
guys he needs it for pc gaming, the small soundstage of the grado/allesandro phones aren't going to cut it. I don't know much about the m-50s but if there a closed can then there probably will have a smaller soundstage. If you take into music and gaming in consideration, I think that the HD 555 are your best bet
I've owned the Ms1 and from experience these things really benefit from a cmoy amp.I'd go so far to say that there twice as good, bass is twice as punchy, mids become warm, smooth, bright and energetic, some of the harshness is gone. However with this much energy I find them really fatiguing although I don't think it will be that much of an issue for a beginner ( I really only started really noticing this after I'm using my AD700)   In comparison with  the AD700, I...
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