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Ok great.  Do you guys think that they would be good for the genres i listen too?
Hi guys, I'm wondering if buying a sony MDR-V6 would be a pair of headphones for me.  I mainly listen to Radiohead, trip hop( e.g portishead massive attack) boards of Canada, a lot of hip hop (e.g binary star, wu-tang, madvillainy) and other rock like pink floyd.  I would mainly be using these as portable headphones and I have a pa2v2, but would rather not walk around with it, so would I be okay to use these with my ipod without a portable amp?  They would cost 79.99 CDN...
It looks like the e7 comes with the l7 so that sounds like a good idea.  Do you think the e7 would be worth getting considering im only using it as a dac and not an amp?
I`m thinking of buying the fiio E7+L7 from, since they sell it for only 84 dollars with free shipping.  Does anyone know whether or not there will be extra fees i would have to pay for shipping to Canada?  Would I be better off just ordering from headphonebar for $99+ $5 shipping?
Hey mikeaj, i did see your post, thanks for the reply.  I think I'm gonna go ahead and get it as long as mp4 nation will ship to Canada without extra charges.
Thanks so much for the replies.
Can anybody else offer some advice?
Thanks for the input.  I forgot to mention though that I'm using a pa2v2 right now, and i just bought it so im more interested in a usb dac than an amp.  I was thinking the e7 because i could always pair it with the e9 later on.
Hi everyone.  I own a pair of Rs2i's but have always used them with my toshiba sattelite laptop.  Would buying the fiio e7 lead to a noticeable improvement in sound quality?  Is the fiio e7 a good dac/amp to pair with the Rs2i?   Also has anyone from Canada had experience ordering from mp4nation?  I want to order the fiio e7 from there since they sell it for only $85 with the LOD cable, but I am worried about being charged hidden fees at the boarder.
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