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Thanks, I'm in Ireland, so I think that's where I'd be buying from.
Can I ask where you got the D for £169. Thanks
Great pics Eddie, thanks for sharing
Thanks, that's good to hear. The fact the Plenue D is so small is a bonus too.Let's hope somebody brings out a decent case with front cover soon.
Thanks.I think I'll be ordering the Plenue D once it's back in stock.
Has anybody compared the Plenue D to the AK Jr?
I'm using my Quattro Dac with a pair of ATC active monitors.  I'm using Evidence Audio Lyric HG xlr cables, Wireworld Electra 5.2 mains cable, and Hifi Tuning Supreme3 Ac fuse. The cabling and fuse transform the Dac, making it even better.   Cheers Matt
Now sold.    Thanks.
For sale is my Neco soundlab V2 amp.   The amp has the upgraded AD8610 op amps and is in mint condition. It has seen very little use.   Included is the UK charger and a 20cm Fishnu Habana cable(pictured).   I'm in Ireland, but can ship worldwide. $99 including shipping Thanks Matt
Thanks for the input. Yes, i suppose once the iem is being driven properly, there isn't really anything to be gained.   Cheers Matt
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