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I'm using my Quattro Dac with a pair of ATC active monitors.  I'm using Evidence Audio Lyric HG xlr cables, Wireworld Electra 5.2 mains cable, and Hifi Tuning Supreme3 Ac fuse. The cabling and fuse transform the Dac, making it even better.   Cheers Matt
Now sold.    Thanks.
For sale is my Neco soundlab V2 amp.   The amp has the upgraded AD8610 op amps and is in mint condition. It has seen very little use.   Included is the UK charger and a 20cm Fishnu Habana cable(pictured).   I'm in Ireland, but can ship worldwide. $99 including shipping Thanks Matt
Thanks for the input. Yes, i suppose once the iem is being driven properly, there isn't really anything to be gained.   Cheers Matt
Thanks for you help  I'll have a read up on your suggestions. I came across the Firestone Fireye mini, which looks suitable, but might be too cheap to be any good?   I know what you mean though about the iem's not needing an amp as much as full sized headphones.  I have a pair of sennheiser HD 280pro's, and they like the extra power. I have a Neco soundlabs V2, but its size means it doesn't get as much use as it should.   Cheers Matt
At the moment i'm using TFTA V1's, but would like the amp to be useful for future iem upgrades.   I don't need any features other than input/output as i'm happy to control the volume and Eq from the iphone, but i wouldn't dismiss an amp because it had a volume control etc, provided it was still small.   Cheers Matt
Hi   I'm just looking for suggestions for a very small portable headphone amp. Ideally $100 or less, but would pay more for the right amp, and must be good build and sound quality. Features aren't important, and it will see most its use with an iphone 4s.   Cheers Matt
Great job on the removable cables. I've been looking at possible headphone upgrades, but want removable cables, so this gives even more options if a mod can be done 
I just thought i'd add my experience with the Matrix Quattro for those that may be interested in using it with active monitors. I've owned the Quattro for about a year now, and mainly use it with ATC active monitors. I had a pair of scm50asl's, but now have some PA-65's.   I use an Arcam fmj cd33 as my cd source, and feed the Dac with with an A&B systems Black diamond coax cable. I also feed the dac with an optical cable from my satellite box, and USB from my...
I've owned the Tfta-1V's for nearly a year now, and have recently been reading about the Kramer mod on certain iem's.   Would this mod work or be advisable on the Tfta's to bring the mids out a bit and make the earphones more balanced?   Cheers Matt 
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