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Thank you guys :). Do you know how much time it takes for the delivery ? Considering that I'm living in France (shouldn't be too different from the US I guess... ?)
The hype is real guys. My earphones are done. Hidition asked me for my address and stuff earlier today.
 Ok thank you for the input WhiteKnite. I've posted something on their board. I hope they will see that ! EDIT : Ok i guess that was a good idea because 30 minutes to 1h after I posted on the board, I received an e-mail from hidition for the payment and the confirmation.Thanks guys ! :)
 Ok i will try, but with my first batch of ear impressions they were quick to tell me that my ear impressions were not good (max 2 or 3 days after they received them). I guess now it's ok but I just want them to tell me yes or no. I don't think that's a language problem since their english was fine the first time. I don't mind waiting more for these if they can answer properly. I've waited 11 months for my HeadAmp GS-X MK2 so I can be patient you know :). + I haven't paid...
Hi,   I've sent ear impressions to hidition, and I've been waiting for 3 weeks for them to reply to my e-mails. That's the second pair of ear impressions I have sent since the first batch was not correctly done. They've received my impressions on 01/20 (20th of january) and since then nothing. I've read here and there that Hidition are not pros of communication but anyone have already experienced that ? I really am starting to think of canceling my order...   Thanks !
The pm-3 is really confortable, it is more or less a mix between the ath-m50x and the Sony mdr-1a when it comes to comfort.I've just received them. Love the sound but I can't get any sound out of my tablet (Samsung Galaxy tab s2) while it works with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy s6) or any other portable devices... Any ideas why? I suspect the cable but I can't understand why it works with my phone and not on the tablet...
Hi,   I would like to sell a 1m80 cable for Hifiman headphones (ThecablePro Freedom). I've received it with my HE-500 but I don't use it since it is too short for my use with my rig. I am asking 85€ shipped. It costs 180€ new.   EDIT : Review of the cable here :
Price dropped.
Hi,   I would like to sell my brand new TH900 (bought about 2 months ago). I have received a LCD-X and even if the TH900 have a great resolution, a good soundstage and terrific bass. The Audeze sound is simply better to my ears.   They are in mint condition, always rested on a stand or on a mousepad. The cups are in pristine conditions, no scratch.   I will add photos as soon as I can.   Can ship to anywhere (preferably Europe). PM for more details.
 Do you slide the splitter-thingy up to your earphones ? It should help with the birdnest issue.
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