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 Almost exactly where I want to go in my portable setup. My K10 are on the way and I have the AK100II in my mind to pair with them.
update : "I also consider a trade for a TH900 (+ cash from my side)"
I have sent my ear impressions last week, they should arrive soon to Noble Audio's lab. Very excited to have my K10. I have selected metallic red for the shells and aluminium for the faceplates (this red : and I can already feel the awesome result :).   So far communication from Brannan has been top notch ! 
Hi,   Since i'm selling my LCD2 (, I don't need those pads and headband. They are like new. Nothing to report.   I prefer to send them in Europe, I can take care of the shipping fees, but buyer pays paypal fees.   Thanks !   UPDATE : pads have been sold.
Hi,   I am selling my LCD2.2 Pre-fazor with new Vegan pads and headband (photo's still showing the LCD2 with leather pads) as I find the combo with the GS-X MK2 not that good for my taste. They are in mint conditions, and still under warranty (end of warranty 01.2016).   The buyer pays paypal fees (unless gift) + shipping. Feel free to PM me for any additional info   I also consider a trade for a TH900 (+ cash from my side)   Thanks !
 I'm using a Logitech G400s (hyperglides mousefeet) and a Artisan Hien and couldn't be more happy to be honest. This combo is going to last a very long time. And just to say, I'm very picky with my mouse/mousepad combo since I've played at a high level on some competitive games.If you want a more silky feel with your mousepad (the Hien has a much more rough feeling to the hand/wrist like a pair of jeans) you can look at the Artisan Zero.
 I'm an ESR guy and I facepalm when I read this thread If you guys are still interested in the Ninox Aurora mouse, you can pre-order it here : made by the community. I was part of the beta test team and it's a killer mouse.
Hi,   I'm selling my SoundMagic HP100. I don't use them anymore so I think they need new ears to congratulate. I'm the first buyer and they are like new.   Asking 100€ + shipping fees.   Thank you.
Hi,   I'm selling those Noble Audio 4. They are like new conditions even if i'm not the first buyer. Date of purchase : 28 Nov. 2013. End of warranty Nov. 2015.   I can ship anywhere (I would prefer to Europe only). Buyer pays the paypal fees + shipping.    Feel free to ask questions !   Thank you.
Hi, I'm looking for some IEM and headphones. VSonic GR07 BE and AKG K545   Euro seller.   Feel free to send a private message !   Thanks.
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