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Hi, I'm looking for some IEM and headphones. VSonic GR07 BE and AKG K545   Euro seller.   Feel free to send a private message !   Thanks.
Hi,   In order to buy a custom IEM, i'm selling my Burson HA-160D in a very good state, I would even say like new. I don't see any kind of visual defects. Bought in France in 2012.   I'm asking 570€ + Shipping fees.   Thanks !
I'm starting to be a bit worried. Justin said that I was in this batch, but no answer in one month. Two e-mails sent already... I think I'm going to wait another 6 months.
I'm in.
 It can be found at 1800usd as far as I can see, which is around 2000.The HD25 is around 2500.
I was exactly in that scenario few weeks ago and I was down to 2 DACs, the NAD M51 and the Hegel HD25. After reading loads of website, reviews, I still was hesitating, then I directly called an hi-fi store in Belgium and they told me that the Hegel HD25 was far more enjoyable than the M51, better extension on both ends, better details with a little of warmth in his sound signature. They are both around 2000 - 2500usd.
I read some feedbacks that say the opposite of what I've read first about the MK2.   So I'll ask here, how do you compare the sonic signature of the MK2 to the Burson Soloist ? I tend to like a neutral signature but very slightly tilted on the warm side.   And 2nd question, what dac do you recommend with the MK2 ? I've the Wyred4Sound Dac-2 and the Auralic Ark MX+ on my short list.   Thanks !
Hello,   I'm selling my Burson Soloist in order to buy a GS-X MK2. It is a great condition, mint environnement, no smoking etc.   Only in Europe. 650€ + Shipping fees.
Hey guys !   I'm looking for Phonak eartips (Large size), like those :   If you have some spares, please let me a message !   Thanks.
For the DT770 Pro, if you have the 32Ohms version, that's ok. They share the same drivers as the 80 and the 250Ohms version. I owned a Cowon J3 to drive them (Pro - 32ohms) and it was ok, not optimal for sure. But in my opinion, the HP100 is better than the DT770, the Beyer have more bass and can be a bit boomy sometimes but for dubstep, they might be one of the best cans available I think.   If the isolation is an important point, stay away from the MDR-1R. They are ok...
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