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Can you tell me what you think works well about the HD800's and Mj2? What other amps have you tried them with? Thanks :)  I'd love to hear your impressions about the HD800's and Mj2 from you as well, Matt
For listening pleasure, get the Vali. The only negative is the short ringing when plugging in headphones.   Well implemented tubes are just better than solid state. 
Price does not include shipping. I'll cover PayPal fees. If you're interested, send me a PM with your country/post code and I can update you on the total price.   I will ignore low-ball offers.   Bought these headphones from Amazon in 2013. Paid $180 to have them refurbished by Hills SVL (the Australian Beyerdynamic distributor) because my dog chewed up the cable. Currently they're in excellent condition and sound amazing. I consider them one of the most versatile...
Don't know what the MBP is, but the HD800's do need to be EQ'd, or, ideally, modded. Anyone that tells you that the HD800's aren't bright (like a lot of people in the HD800 thread seem to think) is just objectively incorrect. The sound of stock HD800's is completely unengaging and clinical, imo. You could pair it with a warm DAC and a warm amp, but then you've taken away most of the HD800's strengths and just made them sound like weak, pseudo-Audeze headphones. If you...
Using the free trial with my HD800's now. It does very well in improving the realism of the HD800's. I'll be using this until I get all the materials for the Anax mod. Highly recommended for those that recognise the imperfections with the HD800's. These are amazing headphones, but they're clearly not perfect :)
Sounds good! Great to see you enjoying the sound. So you preferred the sound of the stock 6BZ7's over the gold lions? Why's that?
Yup. I used to own the Asus Xonar Essence STX and the Creative X-Fi Titanium HD (to see whether I preferred Dolby Headphone or CMSS-3D). CMSS-3D was AMAZING for certain games that supported it natively, or through Alchemy (whatever it was called). CS: Source set up correctly literally had perfect 3D sound placement. But no other game I tried would work properly with CMSS-3D. Sure the surround effect was there, but it was never applied exactly as intended, it just worked...
This is actually exactly why I, after much consideration, cancelled my Liquid Carbon order and ordered the Mjolnir 2 instead. I need a balanced, highly resolving and powerful amp that can drive LCD-X's, HD800's and HD650's properly. I don't doubt that the LC would perform very well for these headphones, but the Mjolnir 2 looks much more "qualified".
Gumby > Mojo 2 > LCD-X will be my exact setup in the next month. Already got GMB and LCD-X's, just waiting on Mojo 2. I'll be using a balanced cable from Forza Audio Works as well ^_^ So close to being at my end game. Just need to mod the HD800's and HD650's, then set up the Mjolnir 2.
I just thought I'd grave-dig this comment to say that I actually really enjoy the way the LCD-X's sound out of the Vali. I love how warm and bassy the sound is (while still being clear and musical). It's great how we can make our music sound so different, depending how we feel :)
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