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Different people hear things differently, but to me CMSS-3D is better than Dolby Headphone and THX TruStudio.   THX TruStudio being the worst, it literally just sounds like that "bathroom" or "basement" EAX effect you see all the time, to me. Dolby Headphone is OK to me, but I don't like its positioning that much, it never felt very precise with the Essence STX. It's hard to explain, but the moment I tried a properly set up Creative Titanium HD with CMSS-3D the...
I have an Essence STX and a Titanium HD, and I find CMSS-3D MUCH better than Dolby Headphone.   THX TruStudio Pro is also garbage compared to both DH and and CMSS-3D. To me it just sounds like that "bathroom" EAX effect that adds a ton of reverb.   EDIT: gonna quote what I just typed into that gaming headphones thread where people are also discussing DH vs CMSS-3D:        
Hmm. That doesn't make sense to me since the Pro 750's should actually be slightly harder to drive than the Pro 900's. My Pro 750's can go to red without any distortion, although there's too much bass.   I hope it's not a defect with yours :O
Are you actually using high gain mode? Remember the light turns PINK in high gain mode, not purple. Rotate the switch up and hold it for about 5 seconds and it'll turn pink. I don't mean to make you sound stupid or anything, but it's been an easy mistake people have made in the past!
The ZO is capable of driving headphones pretty well AFAIK. On Anythingbutipod one of the reviewers was saying it can drive the HD650's. It could be the iphone, is it possible for you to switch up sources to a PC, AV receiver or anything?   It could be a problem with the unit itself, but hopefully not.
Have you turned off all EQ? I can go all the way to red on my Pro 750's, Aktimate Mini speakers and DT880's and not hear any distortion. I prefer to stick in between green and yellow though.   EDIT: Loudness of the DT880 250 is just fine. I set the ZO2.3 to high gain, my Xonar Essence STX to 15 and Foobar2000 to either max or a few dB lower. Lots of room to go higher. I'm using the RCA outs on the Xonar into 3.5mm for the ZO, then use the headphone out on the ZO for...
ZO2.3 with the DT880 250 ohms is a fantastic pairing. I prefer the way it sounds with the DT880's than with my Ultrasone Pro 750's - but then I think the DT880's are a better headphone that just sound even more amazing with more bass quantity.
Sure thing.   Phaeleh - The Cold In You Phaeleh - Reconcile Phaeleh - Memories Phaeleh - Think About It   I'll embed a couple of them from youtube.    
I wholeheartedly disagree with the comment about not ehancing sub-bass. Well if you mean it doesn't change sub bass at all - because even just few steps up in the contour profile on my Ultrasone Pro 750's make Phaeleh (a dubstep artist that focusses on sub bass) tracks absolutely rumble. There was sub bass presence before, and it was good, but the quantity of sub bass increases without a doubt.   Just a side note, there's a slight hiss with the Ultrasone's in high gain...
A2 stands for Audioengine 2. They're called both A2's and Audioengine 2's AFAIK.   This thread also should probably be in the computer audio forum. OT: I own a pair of Aktimate Mini's which also don't have grilles/cloth covers and they're just fine.     
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