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The LAu is now officially in my ears. Although I will refrain from any detailed impressions at least until the recommended burn-in is complete, I will say that I am already in love with this gorgeous amp. It really is FAR more beautiful in person. Sonic improvements at this point seem like icing on the cake.   On another note, my HE-6s have taken a substantial lead in listening time.   Thanks to Alex and Cavalli Audio for your excellent product and customer service.
I'll definitely post some impressions when I have some time with it. Two weeks ago I was told 4-6 weeks, but probably closer to 6.
I pulled the trigger on this amp a couple weeks ago. I drooled over it long before the deal was announced, trying to figure out how to justify the purchase. Since I was teetering over the edge of pulling the trigger, it was too much for me to learn about the recent discount. And while I do appreciate delicate, ethereal sound, I inevitably crave a more visceral, impactful sound, the kind that lives and breathes inexorably into my ears.
The LCDs are a lot more closed-in, which can sound either natural and intimate (good) or congested (bad) depending on the recording. The LCDs can't handle complex passages the way the HD800s do. The tonality on the LCDs is more natural, but the BA narrows the gap in tonality. The LCDs are also punchier and more forgiving. In general, I use the LCD-3s for harder music, and the HD800s for softer music. The HD800s scare me for anything that hits hard, since when it punches...
The bigger the soundstage of the track, the less fatiguing I've found them to be. It's as though the stridency is at a comfortable distance from my ears and diluted to natural levels.
It sounds like you would be best served with a solid and compact USB-type DAC like a DragonFly. The Resonessence Herus looks like a winner to me in that category. You already have the right headphones, and these devices are quick plug-and-play and relatively cheap.
 Although I use the m903 mostly as a DAC, I think it makes a great transportable DAC when you're on the road. It's a really compact all-in-one solution. Having said that, here's what I think of the m903/HD800 combo's sound: (1) Detailed, But Unforgiving: It's very revealing of the recording's quality, but unforgiving for poor quality recordings. When the HD800s are plugged into the BA, I get transparency from both great and poor quality recordings. (2) Solid Micro Details,...
While I haven't heard the Conductor, I'd say go with the most accurate sounding DAC and tube-roll to tweak the sonics. The amp (or headphones) should be used to color the sound, not the DAC (IMO). There should be plenty of flexibility in terms of sound character with the Sonett. You just gotta find the right tubes. This flexibility is one of the advantages of buying a tube amp.
ah man!...please don't add to the temptation
I noticed a drop in SQ when listening with a friend (LCD-3 & HD800). There's only so much ECBA greatness to go around I guess.
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