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For the amount of joy their products have brought us, Audeze deserves our full support. I will keep my eyes open to online sales of their products. I hope the Head-Fi community can unite and help this great company redress the wrongs committed against them.
The Apex Aquifer (Aquifer - a body of saturated rock or sediment through which water can move readily)
Grace M903 is my main DAC. That's very drool-worthy. Coincidently, I was going to buy the Vega until I heard of the LAu's discount. Part of me is obviously wondering what that combo sounds like. I just couldn't resist the LAu considering my planar collection and desire to hear a different type of sound.
 I didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to compare the two beasts. For the first month or so with the LAu, I barely spent any time with the BA. With the BA, I would listen to the LCD-3 about 75% of the time, and the HD800 about 25% of the time. With the LAu, I spent around 90% with the HE-6, and 10% with the LCD-3. I spent very little time with other headphones. These were simply my natural listening inclinations. Recently however, the initial lust with the LAu has...
OK, I can't believe I'm compelled to say this...but for the record, the LAu drives every headphone I have, including the HE-6, without breaking a sweat. If I were to max out the volume, it might kill me.
The LAu is now officially in my ears. Although I will refrain from any detailed impressions at least until the recommended burn-in is complete, I will say that I am already in love with this gorgeous amp. It really is FAR more beautiful in person. Sonic improvements at this point seem like icing on the cake.   On another note, my HE-6s have taken a substantial lead in listening time.   Thanks to Alex and Cavalli Audio for your excellent product and customer service.
I'll definitely post some impressions when I have some time with it. Two weeks ago I was told 4-6 weeks, but probably closer to 6.
I pulled the trigger on this amp a couple weeks ago. I drooled over it long before the deal was announced, trying to figure out how to justify the purchase. Since I was teetering over the edge of pulling the trigger, it was too much for me to learn about the recent discount. And while I do appreciate delicate, ethereal sound, I inevitably crave a more visceral, impactful sound, the kind that lives and breathes inexorably into my ears.
The LCDs are a lot more closed-in, which can sound either natural and intimate (good) or congested (bad) depending on the recording. The LCDs can't handle complex passages the way the HD800s do. The tonality on the LCDs is more natural, but the BA narrows the gap in tonality. The LCDs are also punchier and more forgiving. In general, I use the LCD-3s for harder music, and the HD800s for softer music. The HD800s scare me for anything that hits hard, since when it punches...
The bigger the soundstage of the track, the less fatiguing I've found them to be. It's as though the stridency is at a comfortable distance from my ears and diluted to natural levels.
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