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Well we saw our first $55,000 headphone system with the successor to the Sennheiser Orpheus. I think you mean we will see the first standalone retail-priced $6,000 headphone. I don't doubt it.
Who here has regularly listened to the LAu + HE-6 combination and made a confident conclusion that another headphone performs better with the LAu? If so, then on which metrics did these special cans surpass and/or underperform? I have not listened to the latest flagships, but have hesitantly surmised that the disparity in sound quality has been due to the recent trend of accommodating the general desire for lower power pre-requisites. Forgive me, but it is hard to believe...
I just wanted to restate my love for these cans. I know many HE-6 owners continue to revel at the sound quality they hear out of their system. I still regard my pair powered by Cavalli's Liquid Gold Amp as my favorite audio reproducing system. With proper amplification, these cans produce the best of all worlds—deep, impacting bass with real-life vocals. Do they sound hot at times? Sure. But, taming a hot top-end is much easier than repairing than a wobbly down-end. The...
I love Audeze. Audeze is the first audio company I truly loved. They are responsible for most of my best listening experiences, and I take that seriously. I cherish those listening sessions. Their decision to charge $4K for their new flagship did surprise me at first glance. But market dynamics makes their price point choice necessary. The Head-Fi community, in addition to everyone else, is plagued by the price bias. We condition our opinions based on price, and while that...
The "Thunderpants" headphones shouldn't be mentioned again on this site. I was burned on this deal, as were many others.
The Cavalli LAu is the only amp that ever made the HE6 worth keeping and revering (over my other headphones, as well). The Lyr was decent but never made me love the headphones.
I've heard his system. It's an emotional experience. The speed exceeds a person's ability to detect error in realism. It's not one that anyone could possibly impart onto another faithfully through words. Those headphones express human emotions from music extraordinarily well. All technical talk is thrown out the window. That said, I have no idea what most music sounds on it—only well-produced music that I am very familiar with. It's a beautiful flavor. That's all.
For the amount of joy their products have brought us, Audeze deserves our full support. I will keep my eyes open to online sales of their products. I hope the Head-Fi community can unite and help this great company redress the wrongs committed against them.
The Apex Aquifer (Aquifer - a body of saturated rock or sediment through which water can move readily)
Grace M903 is my main DAC. That's very drool-worthy. Coincidently, I was going to buy the Vega until I heard of the LAu's discount. Part of me is obviously wondering what that combo sounds like. I just couldn't resist the LAu considering my planar collection and desire to hear a different type of sound.
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