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Thank you. Sold. Will be in the mail on Monday.  
Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm headphones with box, pouch and all paperwork. These headphones are almost brand new. I used them for three or four hours only. Stock cable.   Price: $180. Price includes postage within US (foreign postage extra), PayPal fees and insurance.
Sale pending  
Audez’e LCD2 v2 in excellent condition.   This is one of the early Version 2 models. Serial No. 5312604   The frequency response chart was made by Audez’e on June 16, 2011.   Comes with box and all paperwork. The wooden box is as I received it, but it is not perfect on the outside. There are light scratches on it, and two of the rubber button feet are missing, which is how I received it. I’ve used these phones for about a year, maybe listening a two to four...
Could you explain this a bit? I thought "bright" could refer to either rolled off (missing) high frequencies or recessed (subdued) high frequencies relative to lower frequencies.      
This is an almost new Musical Fidelity V-Can amplifier with all original packaging and manuals. I purchased it from Crutchfield for $199.99. I tested it against a Buson HA-160 amplifier. I couldn't tell a lot of difference, but I decided to keep the Burson. I listened to the V-Cans for less than one hour. It comes with its own power supply.    Price is $150, and I'll pay postage in US and insurance. Foreign postage is extra.
No, I hadn't thought of that. Sounds interesting. I'd really, really be interested in what you think of them, especially because we seem to relate similarly to the 598 and 325 phones. Thanks for the idea.    
I know. It is a really interesting idea, which I appreciate, but the much, if not most, of the cost of the Symphones Magnum upgrade involves throwing away expensive Grado components and laboriously undoing previous manufacturing work. That kind of process is grossly inefficient from economics point of view. And I haven't found a way to correlate all the various review information to my own tastes.       
Some time ago, there was a small wine maker near me who made wine that perfectly fit my tastes. No matter what he made -- jug wine, fine wine, strawberry wine -- it all tasted good. The wine maker's tastes were almost identical to mine. I'm getting the sense the headphones are similar, at least once you get into the higher-quality designs. If you find you like the Grado sound better, you'll have  a clue about going in a new direction to find phones better suited to your...
My favorite music is a single female voice with subdued instrumentation. My hearing is a little bit damaged, not too bad, but probably weak at the high end.   I bought and tested both the Senn 598 and the Grado 325. I liked the Grado sound better, although for some music I don't like it at all. It can seem too bright and harsh. I don't like the Grado 325 sound for TV (prefer the Senn wireless RS-180), just my Marantz CD player and Burson 160 amp. However, when they...
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