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Zorrofox, thanks for taking the time to take and post the pics, especially with your hurt back. Hoping for a quick recovery for you. The cable looks great with the M-100, now if only I could find the darn things I would order a couple (black & red).
Cool, Zorrofox, would love to see the black cable. I like contrasting colors with the matte black headphones, but I've also been looking to get a black cable for when I want go all Batman and get that stealthy look.
Hey Zorrofox, when you get your nuforce cable would you post some pics of it plugged into your M-100's? I, too, have the matte black and have been interested in the red nuforce transient cable.Thanks.
   Thanks for the replies.  It's not the files because I can advance the track or go to previous track and then come back to the track (that had the vertical lines) and the lines are gone and all is well.
 I just hope that it is not a faulty LCD screen, other than that everything works perfect.  I'm still within my 30-day return window, so I may send it back for exchange.
Has anyone experienced vertical lines, like the albmum art broken up into vertical sections.  It happens to me randomly after the player has been playing continuous music for say 30 minutes to an hour and when I press the power button to wake the screen.  The remedy is to advance to next track or go to previous track and the screen fixes itself.  No big deal just wandering if this has happened to anyone else.
I've owned the AK100 MKII for almost two weeks listening to it daily. This is, without a doubt, the best DAP I've owned (previous DAP's include iPod classic 80gb & 160gb, Cowon J3, and iBasso DX50). For the past year I have used an iPod Classic (latest Gen) with a JDS Labs C5 up until November 2013. I was never completely satisfied with iPod and could always hear background grain, artifacts, or whatever you want call it. I thought about adding a CLAS to the rig, but...
My apologies for my previous post concerning import duties, wasn't using my head. I will request/PM a moderator to remove my post and the quote. And "for Pete's Sake" please consider it was a mistake on my part and I am truly sorry.
For anyone interested, there is an official user manual on iBasso's website now.  Not that it is needed, thanks to the awesome efforts and compilation of the FAQ information on page 1 of this thread.   Found it at the bottom of the DX50 product info page.
Thanks for the responses.  I figured there would be no harm, but just wanted to ask to be sure.
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