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The matte green are pretty sweet! I ordered my XS from AC Gears; great customer service.
Best of luck on your interviews!!!
Yes, the are available for the M-80's (as they are the same size shields as the XS). You can order them from V-moda or Amazon.
Here is a couple pics of my new XS with Matte Blue shields. Me likey ALOT!!! Love the XS; compliments the M-100's perfectly, especially when you desire a little more mids.
For Sale V-moda On-Ear Shield Kit (Ocean Blue) for XS/M-80/V-80. These are brand new in an unopened box. I will only accept payment via PayPal. I will only ship to the Continental United States. Shipping is FREE and will ship within one day of receiving payment (same day if payment received early and on weekday). Thank you for your interest and please PM me with any questions.
FYI, AC Gears is selling the M-100 for $30 off until September 13.
FYI, I have received several PM's requesting trading. I am not interested in trades at this time. Thank you.
Sorry, but would rather not ship over seas.
For Sale -- V-moda XS (On-Ear) Headphones. These headphones are practically brand new, just over a month old. My wife ordered them for me a as a surprise gift from B&H Photo. I absolutely love these headphones, just couldn't decide if white was really for me (if I had ordered them I would have ordered the Matte Black - which I ended up doing). So unfortunately a month passed (too late to return to B&H) and I finally made my decision to go with the Matte Black, which I...
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