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I just downloaded again and unzipped with no problems.  Didn't install onto the AK Jr, though, as I already installed this morning.  Sorry I don't know why you are getting a message stating 'corrupted'.  I've been using my AK Jr all day since installing FW1.03 and no problems; I do notice that scrolling through files seems quicker and smoother.
 I used the above link and it worked great.  I'm based in the US, BTW.
Thanks, again, Conext!!!
 Thanks so much, Conext, for your reply.  Very informative!  So, microphonics aside, are you pleased with the IE800 and find them a worthy investment?
Are you wearing them around ear? I've seen videos of people wearing them down and the Y hangs down to about the upper chest area.
So I have been reading and following this thread for about a month, while at the same time selling some gear and saving up $800 with the end goal of purchasing the IE800 or comparable IEM. I have been favoring the IE800 since deciding to venture into the world of IEM phones. Reading all the great reviews concerning the sound and the characteristic that many have described appears to be the sound I am looking for. However, the one thing that holds me back is the dreaded...
Does the AK Jr battery last longer when connected to external amp?
How is the battery life compared between the AK Jr and Fiio X5II? Love the sound and form factor of the AK Jr, just wish the battery lasted a little longer.
I don't think that 1000x1000 would be too large. You may just want to check your folders and make sure that no unnecessary files are in there, mainly text files. These players are scanning everything and only need certain files to operate, so when the device comes to a file that is not in the written program, it gets hung up. That's why I can't stress to folks enough to keep clean music libraries. I know when I rip CD's to FLAC using dBpoweramp it creates a TXT file...
If you are browsing through the 'Folders' section, then typically with most DAP's I've used, it doesn't display album art. However, if you browse through one of the categories, such as 'Artists' and 'Albums', then the album art shows up. Also 'Genres' picks an album art from the specific genre to display. In my experience with the AK Jr, only 'Songs' and 'Folders' does not show album art. As said earlier, as with most DAP's I've used it is common for album art to not...
New Posts  All Forums: