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Been comparing the 2000J to Shure SE535 today.  The 2000J's wipe the floor with the SE535, so much more open and clear; and the high and low frequencies extend much for with the 2000J.  The SE535 have slight more forward mids.  The 2000J are a phenomenal IEM.  The SE535 are going up for sale.   Cheers.
Thanks @HiFiChris 
@HiFiChris How is the comfort of the 2002 and how are you wearing them, down or over-ear?  Any chance of pics if the IEM's inserted in ear?  I find the 2000J very comfortable worn down.  How does the 2002 compare to the 2000J in terms of comfort.  Thanks.
Anyone know when the black is going to be available in the US?
Interesting and good to know. Like I aleays say, these forums are a valuable resource.
Thanks, that's how I have been pronouncing it.
I don't know if the intention here is to be helpful or sarcastic. Either way, I don't understand. But danks anyway.My post, as silly as it may seem, was a serious inquiry in hopes for a serious answer.
Been enjoying the 2000J's tremendously for the past couple days.  It just dawned on me that I am not confident on the pronunciation of DUNU.  Is it pronounced (doo noo / dew new) or (duh noo / duh new)?  Sorry if this is a silly question, just not sure of the pronunciation of this AWESOME iem.
 I only have experience with SE535, but I definitely agree with you in that regard.
Really enjoying the 2000J!!!  Extends well beyond the Shure SE535 on both ends of the spectrum (low and high frequencies), which is what I was looking for in an IEM to replace the SE535.  Plus (and I mean HUGE added bonus) better soundstage than the SE535.   BTW,  I really liked the included aluminum case that came with the 2000J, but hated the black felt inside.  The felt sheds everywhere and gets all over the IEM's.  So I found an awesome replacement; see link: ...
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