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Is anyone getting near the 22 hour battery life, as advertised by Hifiman, out of their Supermini?  I've been using this DAP for close to 2 weeks now and have conducted 4 battery tests (2 using the included IEM/volume set at 14 and 2 using Jays Q-Jays V2/volume set at 15) allowing the player to run continuously.  All four tests I get about 15 hours.   Thanks.
So I have been interested in this DAP since it's release, but have been sort of put off with the color, 'Misty Mint'.  However, from a lot of pics the 'Misty Mint' appears to be pretty faint making the DAP look almost silver in color; if this is the case I could certainly be happy with.  On the other hand, in some pics it looks to be a very bright and vibrant greenish/blue which does not look good.  I understand that looks can be deceiving.  So my question; in person, does...
For anyone interested in the Dignis Luno case for the DP-X1.  I'm selling a practically brand new one in the Sale/Trade forum.  Check it out.
Selling a barely used, practically brand new Dignis Luno Case (Black) for the Onkyo DP-X1. This is is in pristine condition, no blemishes, scuffs, scratches, etc. The case was only used for a short while. No longer needed due to returning the DP-X1. This sale will included all original packaging, warranty card, and accessories. If you ordered this case from Dignis it will cost an extra $22.74 for International Shipping. I will ship within the Continental United...
I did not know about this. Just tried it and it works, thanks. Would still like to see an automatic scroll.
@Paul - iBasso +1 on adding "Album Artist" as a category. Would actually prefer it to "Artist". But having both would be awesome! I would also like to see The DX80 display full text of long song titles in the 'Now Playing' screen instead of just cutting off the characters that don't fit. Maybe have the song title slowly move back and forth, as I've seen implemented on other DAP's.
Recently on this thread I've read comments about that the SE output of the DP-X1 being "crap" or subpar.  I was just going to ignore the post(s) and move along, but the more I think about the comments, I feel compelled to chime in.  Within the past year I've owned/used the Sony NW-ZX2, iBasso DX80, AK Jr, FiiO X5II, and lastly ONKYO DP-X1.  IMO, the DP-X1 surpasses all the aforementioned DAPs.  I say this while using the SE output.  The only contender to the DP-X1 is the...
What is Viper4Android? What are benefits? Thanks
@rmillerx This was mentioned about a month ago.
I wasn't asking about my cellphone. I don't use my cellphone for music, for several reasons; first and mainly I use it for a phone/communication device (calls, texting, emails and occasional web browsing), hence the reason I bought a 16gb iPhone, secondly I have about 300gb of FLAC AND AIFF (mixture of 16 & 24bit) files, lastly and most importantly I want a better DAC and amp than what is typically supplied in cellphones.BTW, I use the standard audio cable with the Sines....
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