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It is probably wind noise you are hearing from the bass ports at the top of the earcups. I don't believe these headphones were designed for on-the-go use.
I love the MDR-1A, definitely more bass than the MDR-1R. The bass is probably on par with the V-moda M-100, but the mids on the MDR's are much better and the highs have a little more sparkle. Very fun headphones while at the same time giving me detail that I enjoy.
Oh and BTW, the interconnect is the FiiO L17.
Brooko is correct. It is the FiiO HS12 Stacking Kit for the X1, bought it on Amazon works great!
Just wanted to provide some eye candy for you all.     Very happy with the FiiO X1+E12A combo.  Love FiiO products!!!
    FiiO X1+FiiO E12A+FiiO L17+FiiO HS12 Stacking Kit and Sony MDR-1A   I guess you can say I'm a fan of FiiO.  Love their products!!!   I've down-sized and very happy with this set-up, perfect for listening to at work.
Anyone have any input? Do your drivers appear to be same color? Thanks for any input.
Just got the MDR-1a a couple days ago, but due to Christmas festivities haven't had much time to listen to them. However one thing I've noticed about my pair after careful examination of them (my OCD always compels me to examine new products for any defects) I have noticed that the drivers are different color. One is a deep bronze/copper color like shown on the back of the box and the other is a lighter grayish color. Is this normal for everyone else? Should I be...
Price drop!!! $195 shipped.
For sale:  V-moda XS Matte Black (Matte Blue Shields, plus extra set of Matte Black Shields).  These headphones were purchased brand new about 4 months ago; they are in like new condition.  They have been handled and treated with the utmost care.  Used only in my home and office and always stored in case when not in use.  The original box, literature, and accessories (Speakeasy cable and hardshell case) are include and also in like new condition. I am not interested in...
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