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I've heard that Onkyo fixed hardware issues prior to International release. I ordered mine last week from an authorized US reseller, Crutchfield. I've also read that Onkyo is in the works for releasing a software update for issues with Tidal.I am extremely happy with this DAP and will eventually use balanced. I'm hoping that Audeze will make a balanced cable for the Sine.
@krismusic I have not tried balanced on the DP-X1, as I don't have a balanced cable for the Sine. However, I would be very interested to find a balanced cable and try.
As nc8000 stated, they are Jays Q-Jays (2nd generation)Thanks
I gotta say I love the DP-X1, purchased last week from Crutchfield, an authorized US reseller (returned original one to BH Photo only because I had credits to use at Crutchfield). I have experienced no problems and LOVE the sound. Especially sounds great with the Audeze Sine.
My portable options.
BTW, ordered directly from Dignis and only took 5 days to get to Eastern US.
Just got my Dignis case today! What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It's crazy how precise and perfect this case fits the DP-X1. The volume knob aligns perfectly, as well as the bottom cut outs (USB port and pinhole). The stitching is perfect, absolutely no blemishes on this beautifully crafted leather product. Couldn't be more pleased with this accessory.
One quick question.  This will be my first Planar Magnetic headphone.  I know some on these forums swear by burn in, particularly with Dynamic Drivers.  Do Planar Magnetics require burn-in?  If so, how long?   Thanks.
After reading this thread and responses to my question.  I feel confident about my purchase!
 Here are a couple reviews I found (Google search), which led to my question. The Next Web:  "It’s not that the Sine sound bad out of the 3.5mm port, it’s just that once you’ve listened through the Lightning port, you probably won’t want to go back."http://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2016/04/15/review-audeze-sine-show-apple-might-something-killing-headphone-jack/ Tech Radar:  "For those who own an iPhone, the Sine are a sensible purchase. They sound amazing when connected...
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