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Recently on this thread I've read comments about that the SE output of the DP-X1 being "crap" or subpar.  I was just going to ignore the post(s) and move along, but the more I think about the comments, I feel compelled to chime in.  Within the past year I've owned/used the Sony NW-ZX2, iBasso DX80, AK Jr, FiiO X5II, and lastly ONKYO DP-X1.  IMO, the DP-X1 surpasses all the aforementioned DAPs.  I say this while using the SE output.  The only contender to the DP-X1 is the...
What is Viper4Android? What are benefits? Thanks
@rmillerx This was mentioned about a month ago.
I wasn't asking about my cellphone. I don't use my cellphone for music, for several reasons; first and mainly I use it for a phone/communication device (calls, texting, emails and occasional web browsing), hence the reason I bought a 16gb iPhone, secondly I have about 300gb of FLAC AND AIFF (mixture of 16 & 24bit) files, lastly and most importantly I want a better DAC and amp than what is typically supplied in cellphones.BTW, I use the standard audio cable with the Sines....
Been reading this thread and am very interested in the Opus#1.  Looks like most of you are using this DAP with IEM's.  How does the Opus#1 handle On-Ear and Full-size headphones?  Would it have enough power to handle Audeze Sine (20 ohms impedance, SPL >120db) without maxing out volume?   Thanks.
And that's probably why you have no issues. My DX80 scans almost 6000 files (FLAC and AIFF) between two cards with no issues. I make sure my music library has no unnecessary junk.
I know this has been mentioned before on this thread, but I feel compelled to add my commentary.  The Audeze EL-8 Travel case is the PERFECT case for the Sine.  Absolutely love the looks of this case, especially the Audeze logo printed on the case.  The Sine headphones fit perfectly in the case (plus cable can be left on the headphones).  Lastly the case is fairly inexpensive, can be purchased for around $35.
  HiFiChris is correct, I was referring to the X5II.  Sorry for any confusion.
I upgraded to the ZX100, but after using it for several months I felt the ZX100 had more background noise than I liked. I actually think the DX80 has a pretty dark background, contrary to what others say here on this thread. Then I tried out the DP-X1, which is probably the best sounding DAP that I have heard. I sent it back because I could use the money for other things (saving up for an automobile for my 15 year old son). So I had about $300 to purchase a DAP. It...
I just recently purchased the DX80, again. I have never had any issues with any of the FW's I used (1.1.2, 1.1.4, 1.3.3 and now 1.4.2). With 1.4.2 I scanned 2 cards (Sandisk 128gb & 200gb). And only 2 files came up with a null value. These 2 files were fairly recent songs added to my music catalog. I re-tagged the files using mp3Tag, re-scanned and everything scanned correctly. A lot of folks want to bash iBasso firmware, while some might have legitimate issues; I...
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