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Look what I just got in the mail today! This is absolutely the best looking headphone ever!!!
I definitely think the A30 series sounds better than the A20 series. The A36 sounds extremely similar and just as good as the ZX100, IMO. The A36 easily drives the Shure SE215 (volume 65-70/120), as well as the UE 900S (volume 70-75/120). For around $300 I don't think you can find a better player that sounds amazing, has incredible battery life and awesome UI, I used to use DAP's that cost near $1000 and it finally dawned on me that I'm wasting all this money on a...
Love the UI of the A36 Walkman, very responsive, both touchscreen and physical buttons. Really enjoying the sound, as well. Finally a DAP I will be keeping for awhile.
+1 on the Media Go! When I first got my A36HN I used Media Go to transfer my music (BTW, you have to use Media Go to scan your library for the Sense Me channels). With the device connected it automatically found available firmware upgrade and asked if I wanted to install it. Click yes and done. Simple and easy.
I bought my A36HN from Accessory Jack. It had 'English' as a selectable language, which is what I needed. I use MediaGo to update firmware and it works beautifully! I connect my Walkman to computer and MediaGo automatically detects any available firmware and alerts me, then I select to update device. As far as all the reported issues of slow UI, slow startups, etc.; I can say my device works flawlessly. I have over 5800 files loaded on a SanDisk 200gb MicroSD card...
Because it is a Walkman, a dedicated music player! And thankfully so.
BTW, I'm using FW 1.02 and I formatted my microSD card in the Walkman.
I have about 5500 songs on my A36HN (probably 95% FLAC) and it does not lag. I wouldn't say it is as snappy as a new Apple or Android Smartphone, but by no means is it sluggish.I am very happy with it and I agree with the above statement; that the A30 series does sound similar to the ZX100.And for those reluctant to order from Accessory Jack, I wouldn't worry. This is my 3rd order from AJ and each time has been flawless; I got my A36HN delivered to the Western US in less...
Final Price Drop!   Options: Audeze Sine + Case - $375 shipped Audeze Sine only (No Case) - $350 Shipped
Metal or plastic, either way a great little DAP!
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