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The more my ears adjust to these the more i'm liking them.  I hadn't really listened to any headphones besides my LCD2's for the last 3 years so initially i was wondering where the midrange went and that they seemed a little sibilant.  But after a couple days I'm starting to really appreciate them.  Great sounding cans.
OMG those satin purple hearts! Amazing
Its taking my ears some time to adjust to them.  Been using lcd2's for the past 3 years.  Less mids more trebble.  These do however show up my dt770 pros by a good bit
Thats awesome.  Yours are a little lighter than mine.  Got mine yesterday.  They sound pretty damn good.  My only complaint is the cable.  Its just bad.  Id rather have cheap flexible rubber covered cable than this unweildy thing.   Also agree on the packaging.     But they make great sound and look stellar!
Thanks for all the links! Will def find the  right one for my needs with the choices given.   I now see what all the talk about recabling and adding removable cables is all about. The cable on these headphones is the biggest (and only) con i have.
Any of you have a 1/4 inch to 3.5 adapter?  The one they sent from monoprice doesn't work.  I know that doesn't seem possible but it doesn't stay in my phones hp jack like every other 3.5 mm plug does.  Bonus points if it has a bit of wire length to it.
Initial impressions:  Fun! 
so torn between the ebony's and the purplehearts.  uuggghhh
In making the switch from LCD2's to a pair of Elears, What will be the first few differences i notice?
Nice review Max.  Thanks for putting it together.  Now I think i need a Rag for my office setup since i have Studio 20 v4s in there with my headphone rig.  Would simply remove 1 piece of gear from the equation!
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