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Nice review Max.  Thanks for putting it together.  Now I think i need a Rag for my office setup since i have Studio 20 v4s in there with my headphone rig.  Would simply remove 1 piece of gear from the equation!
man i haven't stumbled into these parts in a while.  I  see this is still the best thread around.  You guys have some beautiful gear. My WA6SE with the stepped attenuator clicks a bit when changing the volume.  Is that bad?
pm sent
i noticed most were talked about with USB. is this meaning the USB input is better than the coax/spdif?
Nice such a good phone. don't let the samsung haters bother you either(they're everywhere!) it is THE android phone out right now.
Catching Fire  4.5/10 It was just too long with out much happening.  The first hour and 10 minutes is BOOORING
i love it when i neglect my woo rig for a while. so awesome when i get to sit down and use it.   does the 6SE have the power for the LCD3/LCDX?   im getting the urge to upgrade from my 2's
Awesome pictures in this thread. Someday i will make it to RMAF. i bet its like heaven
bah i missed out on a sx 750 in what looked like very good condition for 30 bucks. i saw it around noon, didn't call, and now someones coming by to see it, with me 2nd on the list. don't know how you turn that thing down at that price
i acquired an 800B last month, great condition but completely original.  Been thinking about having it restored and using it as my main for my Klipsch.  Where did you get  your work done?
New Posts  All Forums: