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Going to send my HD800 in for individual Sonarworks calibration at the end of next week. Looking forward to hearing them at their absolute best! 
Glad you got it sorted! I was wondering why you were having such a bad experience. Enjoy!
That doesn't make the HD800 easy to drive. It makes it easier than some really hard to drive headphones :¬)You can just as easily compare them to the LCD's and say how hard they are to drive. 
People are acting like high priced headphones is a first for any market in the history of business. Prices going up is the natural effect of a market becoming more popular, and hence, more exploited. In 5 years, possibly before, $10K headphones will be commonplace. Do you think the speaker market started out with $50K products? As with any new market/technology, it grew over time. Everyone has free will; invest or not. Only a choice, no need to bash those who choose...
Care to elaborate?
 That's all you need. I prefer to route specific apps to SWR3 rather than system audio however to keep it more efficient. Also works better if you're using a DAW. Simply toggle (right click) the app on that you want to use.
Sonarworks won't work as intended with the mod. One or the other. You can however send your modded HD800 in and have a custom profile created.
That's the one. Fantastic application.
 All good, ignore previous request :¬) Any ETA on the system wide app? I'd be happy to beta test.
 Ah, system wide only. That's still very useful as it negates the need for DAW plugins and Audio Hijack in some instances (it would in my standard use case). Look forward to it! Actually it's much simpler than that. I may have my wires crossed here however - when you lower the volume via Avoid Clipping, I assume it does that pre EQ?
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