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"The poor man pays twice" :¬)
Glad that some of my ramblings were useful :¬) If you're talking of the EC Studio - that should be a cracking amp. 
Interesting @Xecuter, thanks.
 Well said! Many times preconceived ideas (formulated from forums/research) are blown out of the water upon using one's own ears. That includes the setup of my production studio, ended up going an entirely different route than planned. In terms of Synergy, I would posit the amp is incredibly important. More so than the DAC. The Moon 600i changed the sound signature (for the better) more than DAC changes/testing (£90 NuForce (temporary), £5000 Lumin A1 and £8000 MSB...
 @isquirrel has used both, a busy man but may be able to help.
A nice comparison. Out of interest, what did you think of the 430HA vs Viva 845?
 I owned the HEK and Abyss at the same time. The HEK sounded flat and lifeless in comparison. No dynamic range! No contest :¬) Then again, all other headphones seem flat to me now. The Abyss are a different experience and sound type entirely, much more speaker-esque. I have an expensive studio setup (for music production), and the Abyss are still always enjoyed. FYI Mulder: isquirrel sold his Abyss in favour of the HEK for some months, then returned to the Abyss more...
I assume this is directed at myself :¬) I'm using it in two scenarios, firstly with my DAW (Ableton Live) and secondly as a system wide tweak. For the latter you have two options, use Soundflower and PedalBoard2 (free): https://sonarworks.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207678455--Mac-I-d-like-to-use-the-plugin-on-any-audio-source-and-not-just-in-my-DAW- Or Audio Hijack. The latter costs money but is the better / smoother solution. I was experiencing a few pops and cracks...
HD800 + Sonarworks Reference 3 = amazing.   Tamed highs and fatter bass, fuller mids.   Give it a pop: http://sonarworks.com/headphones/overview/   You can adjust the % of wet/dry (stock/EQ) signal to your liking too.
Perhaps you should try the DHC Spore4 cable @Nik 
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