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 Yes, would be very interested to hear about that too! Great stuff Sathyam!
 This is very true, it's a balancing act. I had to change my head bopping habits to keep my chin parallel with the floor/desk when getting into the music. Any 'tilt' had bopping and the Abyss can swing a little bit. You get used to it pretty quickly :¬)
Thanks - I happen to own one of those, worked a treat in both my systems!
The weight is no issue for me either, and I listen for hours at a time. Having said that, a couple of times the top of my head, where the soft band sits, did start to feel slightly sensitive. Moving the band (rotating the headphones from the point of the ears) an inch forward/backward fixed it.
 A slight oversight on my part there, thanks. The Wyrd seems worth a pop. A lot cheaper than a premium USB cable.
On a related note, has anyone compared the Schiit Wryd to the Berkeley Alpha USB? Purrin? :¬)
Some nice gear there! S1 especially.
Impressive! What other DACs have you auditioned/owned? Always helpful to have comparisons.
I was very close to buying one myself, a great amp. Eric (longbowbbs here) mentioned that it was designed to be as transparent as possible; invisible. Your choice of DAC/cans will determine the sound signature.
If you've not paid for the LAu already, do give the Moon 430 a listen. Like the LAu, it's a beast. It's a more musical amp, so it depends entirely on your sonic preferences. Abyss/HE1K + LAu/430 - any combination of those is a win anyway :¬)
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