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I don't understand the muddy/soft comments regarding the 430HD, having compared it to a Hugo + Ragnarok, I found it to be musical while retaining dynamics and detail.   I do however use the iFi iUSB (+ linear PSU) and iFi Gemini cable, which I've found works wonders for the sonics in question. Which is why I'm tempted by the OffRamp 5, supposed to be the best converter on the market.    Again, this is with the Abyss. Wonderful synergy.
 I listen to a lot of electronica - they are incredible for that too :¬) Any Abyss owners had a play with an EQ?
 It extends further and is faster. The HEK have great bass, but it's still the 'standard' headphone bass kind. Abyss bass is a different kind/experience entirely, one I much prefer.
 Not yet, been very busy the last few months - all hp audio activity ceased - while also debating whether to plump for a TOTL tube system (which would change the default build of the Spore4). I'll get them ordered this week I think, perhaps the Off Ramp 5 also (for the 430HAD). How's the Headtrip? :¬)
 Odd, that's what I like about the Moon. Did you audition a fully burned in unit? It sounds very flat before 300, and then continues to improve until about 500 hours. Perhaps you should audition tubes too? From what I've read the LAu is more neutral than the Moon, it might not offer the sound signature you're after.
 Agree entirely. LCD-3F was my planned upgrade route, the Abyss was bought and auditioned as a curiosity. After comparing them, I had no choice, it had to be the Abyss. Same with the HEK, although they have more accurate bass and better treble, all other cans just sound compressed and tight. The Abyss is a different listening experience, perfect for my tastes. I'm hoping the Spore4 cable helps soften and extend the treble.
Audeze would be stupid to NOT sell a TOTL headphone that was comparable in price to the Abyss (etc), it's Business 101 - supply and demand.   Some seem to forget that this model of product pricing is unanimous across the board, in any emerging industry, as if the headphone market is some idealistic haven occupied by enthusiasts and music lovers only. It's not, it's a thriving market of buyers and sellers. Opportunity knocks. Expect to see a **** ton more high end cans...
Would love to hear these against the Abyss. And the Odins, for that matter.   Shame so many people have had driver failures and whatnot with the LCD-3, quite off putting.
I've compared the onboard Neo DAC against a Lampi Big 7 and Yggdrasil. Neither, to me and my listening preferences, warranted the upgrade. I think the Moon 430 HA section is the 'bit' that offers the analogue/musical sound.   I'm not an audiophile though, I don't care for specs or the ultimate transparency, just love music and enjoy a particular kind of sound which the Neo kicks out in a magical one box solution.   These comments are related only to the Abyss, by the...
 The volume implementation is amazing indeed - they nailed the fine control of knob turn speed and volume increment. Heck yes, it sings after 500 hours.
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