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Paulie - damnit! 'Complimentary' makes my trigger finger itchy. Ho hum. Thankfully a (very) local dealer will have them soon. 
Look forward to your impressions, tempted to get these myself :¬)
Yeah mix to taste.   Having said that, an EQ does not change the empirical soundstage capabilities of the headphone. That's transducer based.   As others have said, fuller mids, higher bass and lowered peak treble will make it seem that way. Although it's actually the same :¬)   Perception, and all that.
It's the opposite with the HD800; SW R3 gives them a fuller, more natural sound. Saying that, if you like Grado's, you'd probably prefer the brighter (thinner, compared to the EQ'ed version) stock HD800 sound.
 Yes I noticed that too (I want another for my headphone rig). Well spotted, I was set the wrong model. Need to contact the seller and get it changed. Not sure of the other features of the RL would me a difference.
 Will do :¬)  I've not decided that yet - when I do I'll get them sent off.
Pretty certain I'll be sending my HD-800 in for calibration soon. Will be interesting to hear the difference over the bundled preset.
Not sure where to put this, but I know many of the people here are into this; power.   Just installed a SurgeX 2213 power conditioner in my home studio (top stuff) and the difference is big! Much more clarity, air and soundstage. Incredibly happy.     The best bit - £255 on Amazon (when in stock). I've tried audiophile options costing far more than that (and not found them worth it).   A bit of a bargain :¬)
Different solutions really. SW is a 1-click affair for anybody (and does an amazing job), DMG is a rather advanced EQ for those who can tweak with their own ears and preferences. I use DMG Equilibrium also, it's a fantastic plugin. Then again, so is all of DMGs stuff :¬)
That's all true until you get Sonarworks Reference 3. If you own the HD800, you positively must use it. Transforms them. I use that combination for music production when not on speakers.
New Posts  All Forums: