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No kidding. It's nothing to do with that - it's listening time.
The Abyss has proven to be a rock solid investment in sound. Especially complimentary to other flagships, rather than in competition. I may be selling mine, which is a shame; their use has dropped drastically upon investing in a 2CH studio.
Hmm. That new Metrum has piques my interest.
Tempted by this DAC!
Yes, I would recommend the Yggy to pair with the V281 at that price range.
That 5 day trial and discount was ridiculously short and messy, not to mention with all the bugs and whatnot. Although interested, I gave up because of it. My support ticket went cold and I heard noting back. Not very impressed.
I did warn you! :¬) Waste of time.
You have some serious gear dude. How does the M1 compare to the Dave?
The Moon 430 HAD is good, but the Moon 600i via speaker taps is sublime. With your budget, you really should try this setup, you'll be delighted.
Yes, from Lavricables. It's an excellent cable indeed, for an incredible price (comparatively). I have the Silver Widow (Toxic) for the LCD2.2. Similar beasts.Moving to balanced sounds incrementally tighter, wider and deeper. It's not night and day, but it adds to my enjoyment of the music and worth the price of admission. I cannot, of course, attribute how much of that is due to the silver cables. You'd need Sennheiser's own balanced cable for a proper A/B comparison.
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