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Any recommendations?   Cans: LCD-2.2 Speakers: KEF LS50   I have a Burson Conductor + Timekeeper, but looking for potential alternatives :¬)
 Do you think the JH13 Pro's would work well? Quite fancy something universal too, many IEM companies are in the US, and being in the UK, we get hammered.
The iPhone 5s has been out a while now - are there any particular IEM's that have nice synergy with the 5s?   I prefer musicality over analytical sound :¬)   Any pointers would be much appreciated, I'm a bit lost after spending a long time searching!
 Silver Widow :¬) They're not listed on his website. Only Silver Poison.
How much is the Toxic Widow for LCD-2 Frank? Interested in buying (UK).
 Man, what can I say. Thanks Lenni! These arrived today: What a difference! Clarity & staging increased, treble sounds smoother. Bargain too, they were a lot cheaper than I expected them to be. Awesome recommendation.
 I had those too. Since getting a VLINK192 - which is excellent for the money - it's gone.
Now that's interesting. Can't wait to read some reviews from the experienced peeps here!
 Thanks, they look rather good :¬)
Thanks Rick. I had found these:   The link you sent, are you recommending those over all of the available brands you listed? And did you mean the stand or just the feet? :¬)
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