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Indeed! Looking forward to it - only a few days to go. Abyss only, I returned the HEK.
@romaz will be hearing the Woo 234 quite soon, he has extensive experience with the VIVAs as you've probably seen. I'm looking forward to his thoughts myself :¬)
Just what I wanted to hear - thanks :¬)
When using the stitching as the marker - 1pm and 11am is my choice. I have s smaller had and don't need to open the Abyss up much, although I do as to angle the earcups to adjust treble on certain tracks. The distance from the cups to the head is certainly the key for getting the bass spot on.   Since I've been using the moon for a while now, I'm looking forward to testing the Egoista + Numerico and 845 at CanJam next weekend :¬)
 Thanks! As the 845 is full of dynamic power but lacks the romantic sound of the 2A3, does this DAC amplify that dynamic signature, or add musicality? 
 Your DAC budget has grown a tad :¬)
Which amp/cans?
Anyone with this DAC heard the CAD 1543?
Anyone who enjoyed/enjoys dance/euphoric/electronica and strings/brass, this is a must see.   How I wish I was there to hear it live.   BBC iPlayer   http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b063s4gx/bbc-proms-2015-season-radio-1-ibiza-prom     Enjoy :¬)
For €230K, I'd expect a free house, car, amp of choice and the AB-1266 :¬)
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