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I'd like to donate to help cover the loss. 
Up for sale are my UM3X RC Westone IEm's.  They are in excellent condition and I have a spare brand new EPIC replacement cable, 40 dollars, as well as the Westone deluxe monitor case(25).  I also have 3 brand new comply tips to go along with all of the standard tips that came with it.  I paid 18 for those on Amazon as well.  The pictures don't show the replacement cable because I forgot to pull it out when I took the pictures but it is...
Check slickdeals...electronics expo has them brand new for 380 shipped...authorized dealer
They also have them used for 370- they jacked the price of the d5000...copper resale value now because of amazon. I paid 500 just 3 months ago.
Amazon has the d5000 for 399 shipped!
Nevermind, I read your link.
Did Markl dampen these or did someone else?
Up for sale Koss KDE250.  These things sound great, especially if you like the sound of koss phones.  I purchased these from alphaphoenix and they are in excellent condition.   Price is 90 shipped - gifted or please add 3%.   Comes with original box and accessories.  
Up for sale is a barely used hifiman 601 player purchased from alphaphoenix and the receipt is included just in case you have any issues with it.   It is in like new condition, the cover screen plastic that came with it is still on the screen.  It comes with all original packaging and accessories.     Price is 175 shipped, gifted or you add 3%.  This player sounds phenomenal.  
This AMP is in like new condition.  I purchased  it from on Feb. 5th, 2012 and will provide receipt upon purchase.   I bought mallard tubes to replace the stock ones, which you would also receive but the mallards provide a warmer sound.   This AMP provides a lot of clean power for the price.  It had plenty of power to drive the HE4 and HE5LE from hifiman which are known to be power hungry.     Price is 120 shipped, paypal gifted or add 3%.
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