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Mid-March delivery now. Which has, oh by the way, come and rapidly will be gone...
^^ This is one of the main reasons the E17 appeals to me. Use it as a DAC/Amp on my Windows PC's and standalone with ipod. So far there have been good reviews of the E17 but not much to read from owner's on this forum. What's the story?
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I have been researching possible upgrades to my Maverick D1 and Schiit Lyr combo in my main system. I really like the D1 because of how versatile it is as a preamp/DAC especially with the tube output stage. Not so much the D1 amp which is why I have the Lyr. I have a phono stage and need a DAC to have analog inputs. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone?   I came to the conclusion that the Benchmark DAC1 PRE as the most likely choice. Too bad there isn't more...
Congratulations on the Luxman! That Onkyo DAC-1000 looks nice also but no analog-in. I'm kinda sorta in the market for a new DAC/Amp/Pre-amp myself and I'm curious why no one here mentioned the Benchmark DAC1 PRE because it seems to have the features you were looking for? 
The D1 and HD650 are okay but much better with a more powerful standalone amp. I prefer tube amps myself. The D1 tube pre-out goes into my main system and to my ears sounds much better than the D1 SS stage. I never use the D1 SS-out stage. But again, I prefer the tube sound in general. 
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I am anxiously awaiting this!    
Three weeks ago Fiio quoted Feb2012 release in another thread. What is your source for the earlier release date? I hope it's true.   That's super impressive LEAN JIT design and manufacturing if they haven't finalized specs <60 days from release.    
probably not much with this setup.   "my question is simply whether i will notice a significant sound quailty increase in my heaphones, i own Sennheiser HD428 32ohm, i play 320 kbps rips all music (now whether or not those rips are true or an unconverted 128 rip idk) and i play these on my iphone 4"
New Posts  All Forums: