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Still no response to multiple pms I sent him in the span of the last two weeks demanding action within a week, what has already passed, before which I would request a refund and then leave negative feedback a few days after. Other forum members have received private messages from him during this time frame as stated in this thread. He is clearly ignoring me and therefore I left negative trader feedback.   I doubt that he will come through and send me a refund given...
He told me he was going to reuse the traking numbers he bought on the 13th of June. Here is the contents of our last few pms not including the ones where I ask for updates and refunds.                     Several hours has been a week now.
Still no package or update on the tracking number he gave me ages ago, or any of the other tracking numbers I found earlier for that matter, and he specifically said he was reusing them for shipping before going off to some wedding almost half a week ago. I demanded a refund if he didn't take action within a week and that time is quickly approaching with no contact from bilavideo as per usual.
no updates on any of the tracking numbers that he sent out on June 13th which he said he was reusing in a pm. He specifically said my cups where done and shipping out using the old tracking number, which is the first time he actually said they where shipping even though he more then hinted at shipping at least three times.   My name is not on that list and I don't care to add it to the formatting as it should make no difference at this point, but it brings the total...
same here he said he is going to use the same tracking number that he gave me earlier as well.
I received a subscription notification of bilavideo posting which brought me here. Even though he is back I'll post what I spent and for what   $80 for dynamat, aluminum gimbals, and cocobolo shells for partially liberated drivers that would require desoldering. Sent him money around the 12th of May via USPS money order
I agree. I should have phrased my statement better. I think that depending upon how much you can justify spending I believe that the MS1 or the 225i are the best buys for complete modding compared with other Grados such as the igrado, sr60, sr80, sr125, and sr325. They both represent great value at their respective pricepoints that is not to say that the MS1 is the same as the 225i.  
also the drivers on the 225 are binned to 0.05dB where as the drivers on the 125 are 0.1dB   If you are only going for drivers and something to mount them to the alessandro ms1 and the 225i represent the best cost to driver quality in my opinion depending on what you want.
Because I now doubt that I will ever get my cups I decided to put on the custom cable I made. Hopefully I will work with a mechanical engineer friend of mine to produce my own shells soon.  
It is perplexing to me as well. What it does show, save for some massive shipping error which even if that was the case he hasn't voiced any concern over on his end, to me is some level of willful deception or at the very least negligence. Maybe it means that he intends to ship these soon and is buying time away from prying pms by sending out tracking numbers but this practice leaves a bad taste in my mouth regardless of the justification.
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