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After 2.5 years of daily abuse, my GR07 is now starting to intermittently cut off.   ....and by "daily abuse", I'm talking about getting plugged on and off my iPhone around 10-12 times per day during the work days. If I'm not using it, it's just balled up in my jacket pocket.     Unless something else catches my attention, time for GR07 Bass Edition
My dream from last night haha! When I have these very vivid dreams, I tend to think about them non-stop for the rest of the day.   Basically I was sent back to high school, at my home country, but at my current age! It was rather odd - I was worried about where my car was parked so I can go out for dinner, and where is the nearest gym, and where I can have my smoke breaks hahaha!
I just bought a PC360 yesterday from RazorDog's ebay listing. I can finally retire my logitech headset with a broken left channel LOL!  Also excited as this is my first decent open headphone :)  
Can you check your source to be sure that it's the GR07 that has the imbalance? I had this happen with me on my old mp3 player.
    Interested in this as well. I've been using a separate wireless mic, but would love an integrated setup and my first open-back can as well. To be honest I'd pull the trigger immediately if a good sale comes up.  
x 3   I grew up with cats - and IME, they only "attack" if you did something annoying or something that causes them to fear you.   Quote:     Anywho, I'll have to stay away from this thread now. While I've always wanted to have a cute little kitty to grow up and be best friends with my pug, I don't have the space and $$. Not to mention trying to get approval from the significant other...LOL!
Then just get the skullbrokens. Just remember to keep the receipt with you, as you may have to use the lifetime warranty.   In case you're still looking for a cheap amp, here's a nice article from headfonia:       The bass boost on the E11 is pretty good. I find it better than the bass boost on my MixAmp 5.8, which is a lot better than the bass boost presets on iDevices    
IMO -   ALAC is very convenient for someone that needs to use iTunes for apple devices. If it matters, it doesn't use as much space as WAV, and I personally couldn't hear a difference between the two formats with my own gear and ears.   I have music that are 256kbps AAC (bought from iTunes store) and 320kbps MP3 (downloaded from soundcloud, etc), and I find them to be pretty good as well.   It's the older 128kbps files that I find that are not as good -...
Funny, I tried the M50 with my Fiio E11 last night.   I set EQ (bass boost) on 2, Gain on H. Played BT - The Emergency (Gemini Remix). Got a headache from the bass impact and constant rumble by the end of the song. 
Stumbled upon a Logitech M705 at WalMart last weekend, and bought one to give it a try. I'm so pleased with it that I ordered another from Amazon to use at the office   I didn't realize there's quite a lot of reviews on YouTube. I might browse through those when I have the time, and upgrade if I find something even more ergonomic.
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