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When I got back the money I paid 2225, - Norwegian kroner ($ 402, -) for them, it's not bad ..
HiYes it seemed my girlfriend was a very good idea, hehe.Thank you
HiYes I agree with you, it is very bad.Here in Norway costs them $ 1093.71   (6000, - Norwegian kroner) So it's really not acceptable ..There is a blank tape that is where you adjust the length of the headband. Why it's there I do not know. You have not grown apart when they are packed in the box.Totally unnecessary if you ask me ...
HiIt is true that, I think I'll go for money ..I will be well used too it, but it's a bit sad since they're brand new.  
Have now been in contact with Amazon.com. I could get back $ 99.80 which was 20% of the purchase price .. Or send them back. Think, think, is not sure what to do ... It is slightly acidic and send back when I first started using the .. It's really just cosmetic, but it's a bit annoying .. So I'll think a bit this weekend ..   They are now connected to john blues amp for recording ...  
Yes it is sad.Can they be fake?Are there fake Denon on sale some place?It says that it should be magnesium, but it's plastic ..
I got my Denon AH-D5000 in the mail yesterday and when I took the tape from the bar came the paint with the tape. It was a very bad mark there, not nice .. Can I promote this to Amazon.com where I bought them?    
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