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Pm'd regarding VE and Tingo   cheers  
i am looking to rebuild my old macbook pro. specifically i need the left i/o board which burnt out on mine, but thought at the same time that i could do with changing out the fans and even rehousing the whole thing in a shell that was in better condition   anyone with a 17" core2duo 2.33 A1212 that is unused or not working ??   cheers
None of the pairs I use would be considered high-end or 'best', but i love them all for different reasons   yuin g2-a...krk 8400....apple earpods
  great choice..i'd add :   bjork - vespertine   and if i want to give my cans a great bass workout :   nicolette - no government (no gov. in the jungle mix)  
    yes...as someone with no sellers/buyers feedback, you might ind it helps your sale potential by providing as much info (and yes, pictures !!) as you possibly can
hi   just wondering if anyone can help   i have a waterproof mp3 player that comes with it's own waterproof iem's....unfortunately the attachments are just standard buds...no matter which size i use the seal only lasts for a couple of minutes until they come loose and water comes rushing in...   can't for the life of me understand why they don't come supplied with triple flange pieces but never mind   i'm looking to buy some that can fit over a 3mm...
i think if they are as good as they say they are then it's not a bad price at all 
yuin stopped making earbuds ?? what about sennheiser's omx980, technically still earbuds albeit attached to a frame ??
@ mrbyu   how did you find these cans in the end ??
thanks for the reply   will get in touch with them to find out the measurements   thanks again :)
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