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So The Sound Adjustment is not disabled and is allowed to run, but I do not change the EQ and all the other sound effects i dont use them. This to me, gives me the best sound. 
Sorry. I realised my post was a little confusing.I did not like the thin, metallic raw sound of the volume increase trick. Hence I am not using the volume increase trick. Haha. I hope this makes my previous post more clear.
Well it depends on the sound you like or wanna get. With the trick, the mids are somewhat lost and the player sounds very V shaped and metallic overall. I didn't like it. Hence that is why I had it switched off. 
This is too funny!! 
I have two sets with me now and i used one with the volume enhnacement and one without. This is my finding: The player sounds more metallic and loses the mids and has a very V shape sound with the volume enhancement. I don't like it, the music sounds very dull and boring and metallic. Both players are now back to the normal settings.  Would be great if anyone else can share their findings. 
I've been trying to do this trick but to no avail, because everyone else left out step 6. without it, it wont work!!
Any more scoop on the Continental 2 or the new RX?
I don't seem to be able to do it.
Does the sound degrade when this "trick" is implemented?
Guys. Dones the trick from the ZX1 that we used to use still work? The one where we disable the sound enhancement and the Volume goes louder and it somewhat changed the sound. Anyone was from the ZX1 thread and is now here know if it works?
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