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I am sorry if this has already been answered but does using the Adel tech mean that we will be letting outside noise in? Or we can still use the Adel tech with a total seal?
Are you referring to me? If you are could you or Brian send me the trcking number?
Just paid for the bundle today. can't wait!!
I have the TH900 and the LCD2. I would say the closest headphone that I have tried/owned to the SE846 is the LCD2. Do give them a try.
My JH13's sound pretty sweet and lush out of the 240's. And yes I have the Ditas too. Better or not is subjective as the 13's and the Ditas have a very different sound. But both of them sound great out of the 240. Why.... Just why....? Answer is yes though.And could someone tell me if the SE Line Out of the AK240 is a true line out or just a 'full volume' line out?Please quote me when replying. Thank you.
Yea, I have the Hugo, but the tilte mentions the Hugo but i dont read/see him using it in any of the posts i have read so perhaps I might have missed it. Any idea which page its in?
Which page can I find amos' comparison of these players with the Hugo?
Oh that's it? I thought it functions like the Hugo where you can use the 240 as a DAC from the iPhone. Does it?
I thought that AK stated in the spec sheet that the output impedance of the AK240 is
How and why would we connect the AK240 to a phone via Bluetooth?
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