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Does anyone have the USB out cable to connect the ZX1 to am external DAC? I have that cable and it works fine with my desktop amp. But it doesn't seem to be working on my CLAS -dB. Anyone got any experiences to share or any idea why it does not work on the CLAS? Thanks in advance. (:
Sorry, yes the LE. 
 Sorry :(
Google translate?   Hiroaki Sato [quality design] a single power supply is usually portable audio amplifier, the power supply is roughly one, and about two Good luck. I wanted to remove the parts in front of the headphone output of coupling capacitor in ZX1, you have chosen the method to create a waveform in both positive and negative power.  It is possible to supply sufficient current in the braking performance is improved by applying a force pulling the "negative", as...
 Have you tried the HE6 with any other headphone amps that can drive it like the ALO Studio Six or the Dark Star? How do they compare to the pairing with the WA5? Also how does the WA5 pair with the Audeze's? I ask as I am eyeing these and are phones which I own currently (my signature) 
Has anyone tried the WA5/SE with planar magnetic headphones? How does it sound? And is it able to drive the HE6 since it can drive the K1000? (:
 I asked a similar question in the dedicated ZX1 thread (so far) no one knows. And one member even commented that even if it were to be opened up, the chips would either be bare or have a Sony printing on it making it impossible to identify. 
Could you compare the DAP's to the CLAS -dB too? :)
 I am planning on getting a Studio Six to drive the headphones in my signature below, but my primary concern would be the HE6, does the Studio Six just drive it in terms of volume or with plenty of dynamics reserve like how it would from a speaker amp or EF6 etc? 
 I don't think it can be done. But I'll let the other members here help you out with it if they have a solution. I even find WAV files too troublesome in terms of the metadata presentation and hence why I choose to just go with my ALACs. (I convert my rips into two formats simultaneously) 
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