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Sold my TH900 to this pleasant lad. Pleasure to deal with. Had a chat with him and is very knowledgeable too. Hope to deal with you again in the future! https://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=3729506&hl=
Sorry if this has been answered, I have done a search in this thread but no conclusive answers. So here goes:   Is the line out function of the AK120 a true line out? 
So what will the sound tofthe cable without the pod sound like?For the JH13 tuned ones,will it still have a device dangling from the cable?
Could you guys please sent it to me too? :)
I have two units with me, one i just bought two days ago, another I've had for two weeks with at least 100 hours on it. 
 Hehe. Hello!
 I do not have the AK240 with me now as I have sent it up due to issues with the volume knob. I have with me the ZX1, ZX2, AK120RWA, and I have recently sent back my AK240.I'd rate them like this: AK240 > ZX2 >> RWAK120 Titan >>>>> ZX1.I think the ZX2 is about 80% of the AK240. And my advice to my friends when they asked me was this. If you're in a budget constraint then go for the ZX2 because its good enough. And for its price and the sound that its capable of, its quite...
So The Sound Adjustment is not disabled and is allowed to run, but I do not change the EQ and all the other sound effects i dont use them. This to me, gives me the best sound. 
Sorry. I realised my post was a little confusing.I did not like the thin, metallic raw sound of the volume increase trick. Hence I am not using the volume increase trick. Haha. I hope this makes my previous post more clear.
Well it depends on the sound you like or wanna get. With the trick, the mids are somewhat lost and the player sounds very V shaped and metallic overall. I didn't like it. Hence that is why I had it switched off. 
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