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Anyone have a black Dignis 380+amp black case for sale?
1. Will most probably line it out from my AK3802. The olives and the Sensaphonics custom sleeves
I hope that they sorted out the problems and that the delay is just them having trouble in production but still producing the same stocks without fixing the issues that the first batch had
yes your DAP then just becomes a transport
I was down in SG and met up with Val and pre ordered it in Jaben and was told by Claire that it should be arriving in  June.And did they stop production to fix the issues that they had with clipping?
it works. All you need is an OTG cable
back in black
Tried the Sr against my stock 335 and I prefer the stock version more. The Sr makes it sounds closer to a K10 (which I already have)
Just paid for the KSE1500 pre-order and its to be paired with my AK380 black. Anak (and anyone else), any impressions of the pairing of the 380 and the KSE1500?
Just paid and placed a pre-order for the KSE 1500 with Jaben. ETA is June. Its going to be a long wait.. I in the meantime, any sound impressions that I can read up on? (Yes, I have not tried the KSE1500 before)
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