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 Try this:
 Thank you for your opinion. The owner of the FiiO X3's not me, it belongs to a friend of mine. I keep my Plenue D for more time to play more with the EQs.
    Physical aspects   Both are made of metal, however the Plenue D has toch + physical buttons screen while the FiiO X3 has only physical buttons. The Plenue D screen is larger and shows the cover of the album better, personally pleased me more. The brightness of the screen is bigger Plenue D, which brings less difficulty to use it in bright places. The Plenue D has longer battery life (100h to MP3 and FLAC to 50h), however it has less output power compared to...
Comparison: Cowon Plenue D Vs FiiO X3 II The FiiO II X3 has more power, so it took me to find a certain volume point. But anyway, here's the details I could perceive the sound of both. I noticed a larger soundstage in the face FiiO X3 II. The serious FiiO were a little out of control, I found kind of fat and shapeless. The mids are equivalent in both players. Treble of FiiO II X3 I found more accurate than the Plenue D. Overall I liked the result with the FiiO X3 II,...
Listening to Diana Krall Live in Paris in Plenue D I realized noise during the songs at times there was silence! So it's not only the exchange of tracks, but when there is silence in the range (final, beginning or end).   Earphone used: JH5 PRO
If someone chooses to switch the player to see if you can solve the problem, please talk was achieved because I'm thinking about doing it. However I'm thinking too much before doing so, because in the country where I live does not have stores where selling Plenue D, then had to import from Japan (took one month to arrive and I paid taxes).
 Thank you for your report RaonCRM. When you can do the tests, give feedback here please. I'm thinking of selling my Plenue D to buy another (same model) precisely because of this noise problem.
 It is because it has two types of regulation on the player to turn off.You have the time to turn off the display automatically (without pressing the lock button) you can regulate.It has the automatic shutdown time of the player if he stays with the paused music.It has the sleep mode feature that causes the player to enter hibernation mode (as in the notebook when you close but not turn off the power). If this functionality is not enabled, the message indicating that this...
 Watch these videos, may help (even with the language in Portuguese):  
I have a theory of what's going to generate the noise during the exchange of music.   I have noticed that the noise only happens when the song has a silence at the end (with the screen turned off). If music has sound until the last second, the noise does not appear.   The silence makes the system player think he is not being used, then the amp or DAC interrupt the transmission energy (perhaps a system to prevent waste of energy). Then, when the system detects that this...
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