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 What results you crave with the change of the cable? You want to improve what the sound? I do not know about the cable in question, but I know Effect Audio Ares, and worked very well for me.
I discovered that the cable stock Westone plays better than the cable stock of JH Audio. The cable JH Audio has a thinner bass, the cable leaves more aggressive sound. While the cable Westone bass has more expansion and treble and mid treble is more rounded say. The JH5 to my ears with Westone cable became more musical.
Review JH5 + Effect Audio Ares Cable
+1 for worldwide availability 
Impressions of JH5
Another picture of my JH5    
Luffy found a new treasure - The #JH5 from JH Audio ! #OnePiece #earphone #inear #CIEM #JHAudio #Anime  
Unboxing JH5  
Roxanne Connector  
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