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 The Sony A17 has no touch screen and not run Android. You are mingling with the ZX1 and ZX2 I think.The Sony A17 has a duration of 50 hours of playtime. It has only physical buttons and has SO own. It is much lighter and smaller than the FiiO X5. In my case, I do not need much power for my JH5 is very sensitive to volume. Link of Sony A17:
I also am a player Cowon J3 User and'm thinking of replacing it. However'm in doubt between Sony NWZ-A17 / A15 and FiiO X5 II. Especially after reading this analysis of several players:
 I never hear the V-Moda. And because it is a closed headphone must have a smaller soundstage. Regarding taking the prints, I think this text a page on facebook published will serve you:   "What's up with the foam thing in my teeth for ear impressions?" Using a "bite block" is one of the most important things to get proper impressions taken, especially for a singer. Based on the position of the jaw during a live performance, the seal in the ear canal with the in ear...
 The pre-mold of the ear canal went wrong and he did not want to make a reshell. In my case the mold came out perfect and I did not have the earphone for JH Audio make adjustments.
I got my JH5 is two years. This year I tried the demo models top-line Unique Melody (Merlin, Miracle and Mentor) and I had more certainty yet that the best Cost x Benefit is JH5 considering its price. Also reiterate that the CJ said, with better cables it is spectacular! Even I did a review describing how was the sound after purchasing the Audio Effect Ares:
 Thanks for the compliment.
Another pictures of my JH5           Album on Flickr:
 I prefer 4 braids exactly because of the weight. I like comfort when I walk in the street with JH5. In this aspect I have nothing to complain about the Effect Audio Ares, it is very light.
 What results you crave with the change of the cable? You want to improve what the sound? I do not know about the cable in question, but I know Effect Audio Ares, and worked very well for me.
I discovered that the cable stock Westone plays better than the cable stock of JH Audio. The cable JH Audio has a thinner bass, the cable leaves more aggressive sound. While the cable Westone bass has more expansion and treble and mid treble is more rounded say. The JH5 to my ears with Westone cable became more musical.
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