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  CJ, many thanks for your report!
Send me a private message talking about then please.
 hummm. Can you describe how the sound Angie in more detail? My biggest concern is the CIEM be cold. I like warm mids, not too exaggerated bass and treble with good extension and brightness, but not so bright as to be annoying / fatiguing.
 I decided. My next CIEM will be Angie.  Your Angie is the universal or custom?
 But you came to put the best cables in JH5 or heard with cables stock? After I bought the Audio Effect Ares cables the JH5 was significantly more musical.
 The JH5 has a bass with good impact, however improved with better quality cable or an amplifier.
 Are two holes to channel sound, this is normal. Inside there is a bigger tube and a shorter at the output. You are really enjoying the sound?
 Many thanks fnkcow!
 How about you do a live broadcast when the JH5 arrive to see your reaction?
The best store that sends internationally I know is the Accessory Jack: http://accessoryjack.com.hk/   Does anyone have more stores indications that send products internationally to help "Head-Fi'ers"?
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