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I have a friend who has the JH5 and JH13 FP. He said the JH13 does not have the same signature as the JH5, the JH13 has the bass and mids more recessed than the JH5.   I would choose to upgrade the Angies.   PS: I recommend the same as the CJ regarding the cables: purchase best cables for JH5 that will sound great! I bought for my JH5 the Effect Audio Ares.
  CJ, many thanks for your report!
Send me a private message talking about then please.
 hummm. Can you describe how the sound Angie in more detail? My biggest concern is the CIEM be cold. I like warm mids, not too exaggerated bass and treble with good extension and brightness, but not so bright as to be annoying / fatiguing.
 I decided. My next CIEM will be Angie.  Your Angie is the universal or custom?
 But you came to put the best cables in JH5 or heard with cables stock? After I bought the Audio Effect Ares cables the JH5 was significantly more musical.
 The JH5 has a bass with good impact, however improved with better quality cable or an amplifier.
 Are two holes to channel sound, this is normal. Inside there is a bigger tube and a shorter at the output. You are really enjoying the sound?
 Many thanks fnkcow!
 How about you do a live broadcast when the JH5 arrive to see your reaction?
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