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 Does the computer recognize M2? If so, sometimes it's worth trying to format the internal memory.
 If the screen is turned off while the product is turned on, the LED will blink blue. Try to connect it to the computer, since even trying to reset, nothing happened.
 I understand now. Funny that in my case, with my CIEM, I did not miss bass in any moment (even without EQ).
 Format the micro sd card with the windows tool and then format again using the formatgui program ( ).
 Interesting your story. I really found the Cowon Plenue D fantastic with my CIEM JH5 PRO. But I disagree on one point, I found it different from the natural sound, I found Cowon with a more natural sound.  Here my comparison between the two players: I was little time with the Sony A30 (3 days). Maybe it needed more analysis, but that's what I felt when I compared both players side by side.
 Glad you solved the problem! I'm the one who runs the Facebook page to try to improve Cowon's service.
 I do not know. The behavior of Plenue D varies from earphone to earphone as well. But in the comments of the topic I saw some saying that certain EQ made the sound distort in a certain volume.
 It's normal. I saw a 3 reviews saying that after about 35h of burn-in the sound improves.
 How do you find it better than Plenue D? Because I found the opposite! For my tests comparing the Sony A35 with the Plenue D I used the CIEM JH5 PRO. Link of my test:
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