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 PM sent.
 PM Sent.
 MusicTeck on Facebook:
 Did you update the Cowon Plenue D firmware for the latest? (1.17)
 Thanks for the excellent review!
 If you do not want a thick cable, get the Ares II, because the Ares II + is much thicker!I own the Ares II and I can tell you that it brings more heat to the music, it leaves the hottest midfields, the most impact and extension for the bass and a little more extension in the trebles. The cable really does not effect memory and is quite comfortable to use. Choose the split Y "EA Carbon Fiber Y-Split (MIni)", this being the best option.
My idea for new flagship name is Agamenon, the commander of the Trojan War.
 "We could be looking into a review tour for "Lionheart" in regions not available for Demo." by Effect Audio Effect Audio on NYC CamJam Effect Audio on Winter NAMM 2017 Announcement of new Dealer in United States of Effect Audio
 Yay! I find it very interesting! Consider Brazil, please!
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