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 I chose Ares due to the comments about the mids. People who bought the cable wrote saying the mids become warm, more forward, which is what I wanted most in my JH5. I even thought about the possibility of buying Thor, but the comments of the Ares I ended up preferring Ares.
 Easiest solution to avoid changing the connector at the same time spending less money: http://www.head-fi.org/t/804626/solution-the-ath-im50-owners-who-had-trouble-with-the-breaking-of-the-connector
The owners of in-ear headphone Audio Technica ATH-IM50 who had problem with the connector break that makes the connection between the cable and the receiver, that is the solution that George Lukas passed me and it worked (it did and I decided to try ) 1 - Getting a modem / router or network adapter that is not working anymore.       2 - Take a screwdriver and pull one of the pins of the network cable entries on the router.       3 - Use pliers to cut one of...
 You do not have this problem with the Cowon Plenue D because it is through storage by SSD (Solid State Drive).
 I also have an interest in knowing about it!
 Yes, the case is closed by magnets.
Leather Case for Cowon Plenue D by Noreve      
 You can make a video showing the improvements of the new firmware please?
 Yes, it is true. I also tested the Westone cables and improves the sound.The cable stock of JH5 makes the sound is sterile, lifeless. With the cables I mentioned, it changes completely to me.
 Buy a better cable. I bought the Audio Effect Ares cable and it worked. (Review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/effect-audio-occ-pure-copper-ares/reviews/12420 )
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