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I have both now. Likethe dragonfly a lot better on all aspects for laptop use. I had a lot of issues with my udac2 on Windows 7 64-bit
I got tired of battling stuttering with my udac2 on windows 64 bit. So I ordered one of these. Hope is worth it.
Hello,   I am wondering if anybody knows of any good quality (which doesn't deteriorate audio signal) in-line microphone which can be used in conjunction with any headphone set in order to answer calls on an Iphone or Blackberry.  I have many IEM's and portable headphones, but they don't come with a microphone (except for my HF2’s), so I was thinking if there is anything available in the market.  So far I haven't found anything except for a Belkin mic which has a 3.5...
I bought the SM3's a while back.  At that time I was trying to decide between the UMX3's and the SM3's.  I went for the SM3's.  Just got my UMX3's today and even though I won't expand on the details, since I don't have enough expertise on the matter, but one thing should say it all:  Of all my IEM's, only the ER4P's have impressed me as much as these ones (not even the SM3's) Definitely very pleased with them.  Also got the Miles Davis Trumpets and are already playing...
I use mine with a Cowon J3, but still on my Nokia N8 they sound pretty good without an amp.  Very clear sound.  I like IEM's, but I think these are good quality earbuds.  Seems you are getting a good price also.
Hello everybody on this forum.  This is my first post, though I spend a lot of my time reading this forum.  I am not audio pro, but I am just going to rank my headphones according to my personal taste:   1)  Etymotic ER4P 2)  Sennheiser IE8  3)  Audio Technica ATH M50 4)  Sennheiser MX980 5)  Monster Pro Copper 6)  Sennheiser HD595 7)  Sennheiser PX200 8)  Ultimate Ears Super FI 5 EB (like them only when on the mood for a lot of bass)   Currently...
New Posts  All Forums: