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Yes, I will ship these abroad. No extra charge for First Class mail, +$30 for Express International.
Price includes USPS Priority Mail w/Signature Confirmation shipping anywhere in the US. Bought from Steve for $230. Very lightly used, like-new condition.
Includes Matsush*ta E88CC, Genalex Gold Lion, and Cryoset 6N23P tubes.   Price includes USPS Priority Mail w/Signature Confirmation shipping anywhere in the US. Will ship out the same or next business day after receiving PayPal payment.
  I'm not saying it happens every single time, but it did happen in one tricky passage where the falsetto was layered over another male voice that had been digitally pitched lower. I compared it with the LCD-2, D7000, and HD650, all of which made it clearer that it was a male falsetto.
  I can still tell that X Japan's Toshi is a man. The formants give it away, at least on every single sound reproduction system I've ever heard him on (I didn't listen to him on the W3000 tho).   I know a lot of people say that AT phones go well with J-Pop, but I'd be curious to see someone from AT actually confirm that they deliberately tune their headphones for it.
only if you like drawing imaginary implications.
Well, it was certainly disclosed, but made out to be something pleasant and musical... until, that is, a few tentative notes of doubt were raised (by Muppetface and ZenErik, to name two), which I (admittedly) discounted as outlier opinions. I'm just adding my voice to the mix to suggest that perhaps they weren't such outlier opinions after all.   I gave it another listen this evening, just to be sure, and confirmed that it's more weird than nice for my tastes--at one...
Bamboo LCD-2.2 (are we calling it a 2.3?) purchased new on April 18 from ALO with original cable plus 2-meter Q Cable ($230 value). A few tiny nicks on the left bamboo housing (see close-up macro photos--they’re nowhere near as conspicuous to the naked eye), other than that mint. Approximately 100 hours of burn-in, still has 10+ months left on warranty. Comes in original travel case with wood-care kit and documentation (welcome card and FR graph). I’m selling because the...
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