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I'm looking for a Bluetooth portable speaker that's better than the Bose Soundlink Mini but in the same price point.  What I like about the Bose is the base, warm sound(or maybe full sound is the right word), vocal clarity and ability to fill up a bedroom. I find the JBL Flip and Charger to be loud but shallow sounding and lacking bass. Any thoughts on comparable products? I listen to a lot of reggae, hip hop, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I'm thinking of possibly upping...
Thanks for telling me that. I just ordered them tonight (technically this morning 12:39am)
So I'm here thinking about getting the Shure SE-215 and decided to search this forum and people keep saying that the cable gives out quickly like in this thread -  This has me worried about buying the SE-215 again. Is this problem still prevalent? Any thoughts are welcomed.
  Ety mc5 vs Shure SE215 ?   I mainly listen to hip hop, jazz, reggae/dancehall. My budget would probably be $80-100 at the very max, but spending so much needs to be justifiable. Also I need bass for my music, I need to feel the vibration in my body everytime the bass hits. Otherwise my music feels dead and doesn't energize me.
  I would need a picture describing this sharp turn you're talking about.
  Can anyone recommend some IEM's with long lasting cables? Since it seems I'm cursed when it comes to IEM's lol.
  I never stuff my cables in my pocket. They are always draped over my neck connected to my ipod 90% of the time. The other 10% I'll just have them draped around my neck and held together with the clip. That's why I don't what I'm doing wrong.
  I store my IEM's by just laying them down on my nightstand. I don't wrap them in anyway. When walking around I have them draped over my neck and connected to my ipod. I just took this pic -
For some reason no matter what earphones I buy the wire always gets messed up. Forcing me to toggle the cord or keep it in place for music to play through both sides. This usually happens after like 4-6 months. I'm trying to figure out is this something I'm doing wrong or my products are just too cheap. I've used skullcandy $20 earphones and MEElectronics M9 and M11+
These headphones are great. The bass is good and packs a punch but doesn't get out of hand. There is no microphonics for me when listening to music. The isolation is also great, at 50% in a noisy lunchroom the chatter is cut down to like a whisper and at 70% I see lips moving when people are talking to me but no sounds.
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