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yes I will do that for sure! I am eager to now what the price would be.  I also have an home insurance , but the deductible is like 1 third of what they cost new. 
So I did by misstake slam the headphones into the car door took my smartphone from the backseat, and forgot I had the headphones attached to the phone,  it was early morning and I was kind of half-sleeping, not the best start in the day.   Is it possible to repair it, does beyerdynamics sell spare parts... these 3 parts on the picture was the ones I could find. I really really hope I can repair 100% myself, the sound and headphones seem otherwise intact. I am using...
In an age when everything is getting smaller I am not sure the adoption that "bigger is better" is always true... Sure when it comes to tube amps it might be physical limitations...a certain tube has a certain size etc.. but yeah..we will see...I guess the insane price gives the high expectations also..
Yes it will make a big hole in my wallet that is for sure...but I try to think long term and alos consider how many hours per day I will listen to music on it...if you consider the amount of hours it is really a small price to pay.. Also have heard the DT1350 responds very well to amplification... and make it sound even "bigger".
It is especially for portable use I need an usb dac. The soundchip in my Samsung Galaxy note is not good enough and do not make my headphones sound to it's full potential... simply I want a very good sound for portable use...and no I prefer to not buy an mp3 player.   Android 4.0 will be released in Q1 2012, which will make it possible to connect usb devices like it was on a PC for instance an usb dac... I think this will be the ultimate portable solution...if this Govibe...
  Well it is specifically the usb dac version I am interested in. I do not doubt the analog version sounds amazing.     
I am very intersted in this amp but there is almost non existant information about it. I want to use this with my Galaxy Note phone..will work with ICS I hope..I also must say the blue version looks VERY good..I must admit I did fall in love with this amp first time I saw it..but the question is does it sound as good as it looks ?    Would love to hear more feedback/opions...I need something to motivate to pay this much cash... But I have the sense that this might...
Is it possible to use USB amps with android phones ??? I think I Read somewhere that Ice cream sandwich does support it, but the phone I am going to buy have 2.3x Could any one confirm that ? usb would be the best since the sound chips in phones are not very good..so I would prefer to have the sound through the usb..
What do you think about this combo, from what I have been reading the upcoming Samsung Galaxy note will have the same Yamaha Audio chip as Galaxy SII.  http://www.anandtech.com/show/4686/samsung-galaxy-s-2-international-review-the-best-redefined/13   Howeer I wonder, some say the solution is to buy an external headphone amp and it will solve all "Problems".  I wonder if I connect an USB amp like headstage Arrow 12He 4G, will the sound be processed through the yamaha...
I have not decide what to do with the headphones yet once I get them.   What do you guys think would fit best ? And have you any pictures (before and after) which could inspire ?
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