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Hi, how much would you need to ship to the UK?
Hi, how much would you want to ship to the UK?
PM sent.
Thanks for the input everyone. Would it change anything if I said I'm now also considering the Ultimate Ears 700's? They're only slightly more expensive than the Phonaks so they're a possibility.   Alternatively if anyone has any suggestions as to a better pair of IEMs in the under £150 region, that'd be appreciated also.
First things first, I'd like to say huge thanks to everyone here at the Head-Fi forums. I've been using these forums as a source of (excellent) information and reviews for what seems like forever so a big thank you for all the help you've unknowingly given me over the years and can hopefully continue to give me now that I've finally joined up to ask a question directly.   With that said, onto the matter at hand. Long story short I'm in the market for a new set of...
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