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Yes, I do know that. But I hate deleting my own posts, I'd rather show that I was wrong.
Howdy, I've begun thinking about returning to a workout schedule and need a pair of clip-ons or IEMs to help motivate me. I don't really work out to classical music or jazz, so I am looking for something that can play electronic music, hip-hop and a bit of rock decently. A big factor I am looking for is isolation (gym I go to has some loud, obnoxious music) and durability - it'd be nice to have it last. Budget is ~50 USD, thanks fellas.
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If you are referring to the wood clip-ons (ESW9) and not the headphones, then I have some experience with them. In my opinion, yes - the treble switch makes them more enjoyable, and sometimes it's nice to have a bass boost for some songs. The difference is not amazingly different however, I wouldn't spend 300 USD for such a small difference. Also the arrow doesn't work with an LOD.EDIT: Oops, I don't know why I said that, I read that completely wrong. Disregard what I said!
Just an update: I recently received a pair of these cans, and MY WORD are these simply incredible. I ordered from Musica Acoustics (thanks for referring me to Dimitri, Twinster!) and they came within 5 days. The purpleheart/amaranth wood cups are very beautiful, comparable to Denons and the W1000x, in my opinion - sometimes, it even changes color. Anyway, the sound from these has the following qualities for me: + Laid-back presentation, but still very engaging (perhaps...
[quote name="Ptruslow" url="/t/603857/how-deep-is-the-audio-technica-ath-m50#post_8279512"] my freind has the xb500 and i do not like the sound quality, it is a bit too muddied for my taste, i will be buying the m50 but i wan't to know if i will need to replace the pads or mod them to make them comfortable. i want some balanced headphones that produce good bass that overshadows nothing and i do not like the xb500 very much. [/quote] Balanced headphones, deep...
^ Wow, now that's quite a source you've got there! I looked on your profile and it seems you've not gotten them, but do you know as to when these first came available? I'll write to the email you listed anyway though, thanks! I will mull over both your and John's testaments and weigh my options. Many thanks for the help.
John, I was curious as to who you went to for your woods. I have been putting off ordering these for too long, mostly because of work and fear from the horror stories about GD-Audiobase. Is GD-Audiobase the only source to get them from, by the way? And finally, to anyone who owns the High Edition, how much more does it run you up as opposed to a regular FA-002W? Thanks.
I don't think so - it wasn't during a pause, I'm wondering if its because one of my cables for some reason got loose? I just tried it again, and during the exact same song it powered off again! Strange... I'm really not sure what's causing the problem, as the rest of the album runs completely fine.
Has anyone else been having their Arrow randomly powering down? When I tested mine a few days ago (after a full charge), I hooked it up to my K420s and was enjoying a song by the Bill Evans Trio - when suddenly the Arrow cut out. Nothing - for at least several minutes. I then unplug all the cables, put 'em back in again and then the amp works fine. This happened twice in the same song, so I decided to switch to my other headphones. They worked completely fine, no problems...
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