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1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3=3.5mm 4=XLR
I'm using the DX90 with my SE846. I originally had it on high gain at the beginning but switched to mid gain since i could hear all the details without needing it being too loud. I keep my volume at 190-200 outside & 150-160 at home. Very fast & accurate bass gotta say. When I want more warmth & longer bass decay, I add in my arrow 4T. Good Stuff
Thanks for the input. Strange, the file works of my RWAK100 but can't be seen on the DX90. My friend converted some of his vinyl for me which works on everything else but this.
Hey, does anyone have problems playing .wav files on their DX90? I put a few 24bit wav files in my sd card but the player does not find them, just the folder.
Thanks Clemmaster, I might put it on my list but I want a tube amp though.
Hi Project86, I like warmth with a lot of clarity. I like to use my headphones for music, movies & games so I guess something more laid back.
I'd say $1.5k.
Hey guys, a question. I've been enjoying my DA8 for awhile now but I am thinking about getting an amp. Can you recommend a good tube amp to drive my LCD 2.2 & HE5LE? I've been looking around & what really catches my eye is the Decware Taboo III.
I've had my DA8 since Monday. I would listen to Planet Caravan when I come home from work to see if there was a difference since I started burning it in. So far, I do feel there is a slight difference from when i started in the sound stage & 3d presentation. Could be placebo since I really like this system but the more I listen, the more I'm getting immersed in the songs.
Has anyone tried the Yulong DA8 with them? I'm actually planning on pulling the trigger for my LCD2.  
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