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After much reading/internet search, I ordered a Little Dot Mk III, and was VERY pleased with the build quality and sound! It took about 70-80 hours to burn in during which the bass got much better controlled, and detail improved across the board. I feed it with a Macbook pro, USB to a Beresford DAC. I have used it also as a tube buffer stage via the preamp out on my Outlaw RR receiver to my old, much loved Carver TFM-15 out to Klipsch speakers and the sound changed from...
 Also new- please see my post of 5-7-2011. Thanks! I forgot to click on "reply to message".    
Hi sebMTL1- I have a Macbook pro as my source. I just ordered a Little Dot MkIII and a Beresford 7520 DAC so I can bypass the soundcard in my Mac for better sound. I listen to speakers as well, so I got  the LD MkIII because I can use it as a tube preamp for my stereo as well- a cost effective way to learn about tube sound, I hope! I can let you know how it goes if you wish. Good luck! I also hope to try using the Beresford as a CD decoder in the future as well.
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