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Sorry I know this post has been a while. I too love the sound of Edition 9 very very much up to this day and hated the comfort. and Loved the comfort of Edition 10, but hated the sound.How does the Edition 5 compared to Edition 9? I own Edition 9, and very interested in hearing comparison between Edition 9 and Edition 5. Edition 9 has amazing weight, texture, spaciousness, very organic with Smooth Decay!I have always been very interested how does fully break in Edition 5...
Correct Predator needs hundreds of hours of breaking in!
Hi Speed,  My RWAK380-Amp section I think is undergoing breaking in @ 24hours now. Yesterday at 12hours, the bass disappeared and everything sounded shouty. Typical AK when undergoing break in.at 24hours today, bass reappear but not enough weight as compared to RWAK380, High is still on the brighter side. Conclusion: At the moment I prefer without RWAK380 without the amp. 50hours Now: The ENERGY, Separation and focus holographically AMAZING!!!!!!! Those Tight Bass hitting...
Since you already have Hugo, I think it's best for you to hear and compare the two for yourself. I don't know if it's worth it to jump to AK380+AMP if you already have hugo.I'm also looking forward to AK380+AMP casing.
Hi Speed,1. Sound Quality wise I can't be happier, It's the typical Red Wine Audio House Sound. High Extended, midrange seductive, tighter bass. I love the RWAK House Sound, until I upgraded all into RWAK240, RWAK240SS, and RWAK380.2. Sound is a very subjective thing more like wine, in my case, I hear the sound quality difference to be very apparent. 3 things which are very apparent: Extended High, Seductive midrange, and Tighter bass. with AK380AMP, you simply get a wake...
Quote from Red Wine Audio, Vinne email. So basically, AK380 AMP sound also affected by the MOD, therefore doesn't bypass the MOD."I tested the 4-pin line out before and after the mod.  Since I don't have an AK380 AMP, I had to hard wire internally to it and terminated the wires with a 2.5mm TRRS male plug for my ALO CDM (and Kobiconn 4-pin for my SR-71B), and yes, the sonic improvements did transfer to the line-out as well. We class-A JFET bias the opamps in the dacs'...
RWAK380 + AMP, I found with amp JH Layla, high is more detailed, brighter and extended.  richer, focused, Bass snappier, and overall more engaging, making you want to tap your toe. AWESOME!!!    
I agree wholeheartedly. It's like paintings some people are cursed with such eyes and willing to pay millions for a painting. The same with those who can taste different wine or different quality food.As for me I could hear difference substantial enough between AK240SS and RWAK240. I was even impressed with the improvement from AK240SS to  RWAK240SS and now my AK380 is already in the middle of RWAK upgrade.
RWAK240 vs AK240SS? Both are different. RWAK240 has a better high extension and better textured. The midrange is also very seductively transparent.AK240SS full bodied and warm. I prefer the midrange of RWAK240. It's a tough call.If you already own Ak240, I think it's best to go with the upgrade RWAK240 route.Otherwise you can go and buy ak240SS and still have the option to upgrade into RWAK240SS for the future.
Try MOD the Ak380 to RWAK, it should open up the high more, suitable for use with JH Layla.
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