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Here I present you iQube RVS    
Hi Wuwhere,   I got everything settled already, only now waiting for my iQube RVS to arrive ;D Hoping the the iQube is worth collecting or I will be in trouble.   Actually after you log-in into iqube website, the price changed to USD$1400. The website automatically minus the VAT.
I already put through the order for RVS. I have requested for an undervalue of the amp to USD$600. Without undervalue I think I would rather cancel my order. Paying for USD$1400 as it is already a lot, but putting additional tax is just unbearable for me.
Why does it come with the USB charger cable? V1 doesn't have any plug for charging by USB? And from the image of V1 RVS, I couldn't see the plug for for use of USB charger either. Does anyone care to clarify? Thanks
Cary Xciter DAC/Amp combination, simply astounding with Grado GS/PS-1000 series.
Unfortunately, I don't therefore my experience is rather limited. So sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaturalMusic Very Nice Review! Did you try driving the PS1000 with the Lisa? If so how did they sound in comparison? Ok, I tested PS1000 with Lisa III driven by Xciter DAC, actually it sounds surprisingly good and very musical. I was very shocked with my findings. I think Xciter DAC was the one doing such a remarkable job to Lisa III. I would also recommend Lisa III –Xciter DAC combination with PS1000. Of course it’s...
@Blackmore: Do you know if Xciter needs the output tubes to be Quad Match? Will you hear any difference if the output tubes are not matched? Also, do you know if we could use two output tubes let say KT88, and the other two tubes Mullard EL34 hoping to get combined sound characters? or that would damage the Power amp?
Thanks for the input Blackmore. I'm so hooked with ECC83 Mullards. But I will try to look for CV4004 Mullards.
Quote: Originally Posted by maguire (ouch!) jlingo 12 am on the Xciter, now thats loud man, save your ears......all that good gear you have, you dont wat to damage your hearing now.... I tend to listen on average 9-10, and then thats loud too. Hey maybe im getting old? Every since, I have the DAC, I only turn up the volume max around 10-11 dial. More often between 9-10. The DAC makes the sound much more detailed, focus, dynamic with bigger...
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