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Thank you that one I already invested on new cable unfortunately, now is the Dial Volume Problem still annoying. Thank you HeavenMore
That's great, I hope everything resolved for you. Please keep us posted. :D Thank you for sharing.
I'm currently experiencing the same issue as yours Sporadic Dial Volume Problem. If you may share, how do you finally deal with the Dial Volume problem?   Thank you in advance,
My AK240SS now has issue with Volume Dials, It no longer could turn down volume anymore. Dial Up --> Volume increases Dial Down --> Volume also erratically Increases   This built quality is really such a disappointment! 2.5mm problem now Dial Volume problem!
OMG, AK240SS wins Hands down compared to Ak240. Simply no comparison!! was listening to O by ColdPlay with Westone ES2 and AK240SS. The Nuance, The Detail, The Decay, The Emotion, the sound just floats, Very Musical, you really Feel the Emotion of the music. I couldn't get this from AK240. Man I need to upgrade my AK240 to RWAK240 now.
This method also works well Decreate, I have also tried when I first bought my AK240SS with a piece of paper but now that you mentioned scotch tape, seems to be a better alternative. Nice one!In the end, for myself, I can't be bothered with "work around paper nor scotch tape" and using this as an excuse to upgrade my cables :DIt's too bad though I wish AK240SS 2.5mm plug quality is as good as the Duralium.  Apart from this issue: What do you guys think of your AK240SS?
 Hi There,   Don't worry. I have both AK240 and AK240SS and indeed I agree with you completely that AK240SS with the balanced 2.5mm is rather sensitive compared to the original AK240 duralium.There were total of 2 AK240SS which I had the opportunity to  test and both have  sensitive balanced 2.5mm issue. The issue seems to be that the grip inside AK240SS is not as tight as the original version of duralium AK240.  Therefore you need to find suitable cables 2.5mm with...
Wow, Nice meet!
Got my AK240SS yesterday, and currently breaking in. At 24hrs,  the clarity, transparency, speed, focus, and midrange are less pronounced, compared to the classic Ak240 Duralium. @Rudi, just wondering about your comments on the first post, how long have you burned in your AK240SS?    UPDATE: Revised after 50hrs break in: TOP NOTCH!!! really big difference compared to the original AK240. VERY MUSICAL, Every spectrum is pronounced, focus, separation and engaging! PS1000...
Here I present you iQube RVS    
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