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If you don't hear much difference than no point of upgrading. Music is like Visual, subjective, it's like looking at a painting and appreciate the difference. Some people are cursed with gift until they are willing to buy Expensive paintings because they could see and feel the difference. For those who only hear tiny differences then good for their wallet. My wife couldn't hear any differences either.
are you talking about the AK380 AMP that's specifically made for AK380?
I'm looking forward to your finding.
I have been using 2.5mm since I first purchased them.  I have always assumed 2.5mm was supposed to be better. And then I took my time to burn in 3.5mm(75hrs minimum). That's why it took me a while before I had a chance to make comparison. 
Hi Googaliser,  Do you have any final comparison of 2.5mm and 3.5mm iwth Layla? I found out of AK380, 3.5mm has better high extension,  expansive, musical, RELAXED, Midrange is SWEETER.2.5mm sounded yes tight, focused, rigid, DARK, AND BORING! I could get fatigue with 2.5mm. I hope to hear your final experience. Thank you in advance,
Today I had a chance comparing AK380 3.5mm TRS out Vs 2.5mm BAL out with Layla. Surprisingly, my ears prefer Layla coming out of 3.5mm TRS out. It sounded more musical, expansive, more organic and relaxed, midrange sweeter, high more extended.   2.5mm BAL with Layla sounded darker, more energy, more focused, more clinical, and somewhat can be fatiguing. This is very interesting. I was listening through 3.5mm TRS Out for 1/2 hr, and then swapped to BAL for 15min, then my...
Layla is a hard fitting earphones. Not all ear shapes are suitable for Layla. If doesn't fit properly, you lose high(dark), bass less tight boomy, and lack of dynamic engagement. Otherwise, honestly IMO,  it sounded really AMAZING, very great for Jazz, and Classical music!  Also you need about 48hrs of break in with Layla, on the other hand, I never like Roxanne, tried many times, didn't like the midrange of Roxanne, and the high sounded tiny to my ears, less natural.What...
Thanks mrmax. I really appreciate your helpful information.I guess too much of a good thing may have negative effect.Labkable Takumi I bought in April together with my ak240ss. with ak240ss I prefer ALO cable Shure 846, producing more exciting sounding with fun articulate bass.Ever since I own ak380, Labkable and Shure 846 seem to win my heart with much better synergy. Much better soundstage , rich Grand Sounding, the bass has grunt and body bite, surprisingly more...
Talking about Brimar cable has anyone heard Layla with Labkable takumi master ?I am using it with my Shure 846 and it sounded much better closing the gap with Layla and stock cable. Wondering if Layla with Labkable would dramatically improve the sound quality?Shure 846 with Labkable takumi sounded very smooth, ery rich, detail, musical and full of energy. .DAP used ak380.
Letsgoaudio@letsgo.comWanchai Computer Center, 130 Hennessy RoadTel: 852-2328-5899I bought AK240SS from them and they had a sample to audition. I experienced great service there before.
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