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In the end I got an ipod classic 160gb and the hiss almost disappeared, or at least definitely much better than the ipod nano 3rd gen. I was satisfied enough with the sound quality so I didn't get an amp yet.   Recently my cables broke. They are quite fragile as I see. So, some cable recommendations for these specific earphones would be much appreciated. I like the Shure 535's signature as it is. Don't want to change it much nor add it bass. Some...
  In order to help Todd, this is the most sensible proposal so far.
I'm sorry for Todd Green and I hope they get their money back. This thread is such a nice demonstration of community support.
Damn! I didn't know that! I will get a listen to the new Bosnian Rainbows    
Dover - Late at night  
Nice, I appreciate the recommendations. Yeah, after researching some more, I realize I was wrong. The hiss is actually created by the ipod's amp (...right?) I thought that the E07K or E17 bypassed the ipod's dac but this is not true. For what I could read in the forums, only the Algorithm Solo and the hp-p1 can bypass the dac. So yes, as for the hiss, any decent/good amp with a LOD cable will do. This does bypass the ipod's amp.   Considering shipping to Europe, good...
Thanks. The problem is not because of the audio file format quality as I only listen to lossless alac, both on my ipod and mac. I'm looking for a n on-the-go solution, so I won't get the O2.
Very late reply, but just in case somebody is curious. In the end back then I opted for the Audioengine 2. I still have them and I absolutely love them. Tiny, beautiful, and sound so good. They perform well in all ranges, including bass. Despite their small size they are very powerful too.
I recently got a Shure SE535 (Special Edition) when I was in Hong Kong. It's my first truly high-end audio device. Before I had a Sennheiser HD 595.   The problem that I have with these earphones is that I can hear a very noticeable and annoying hiss when I connect them directly to an iPod nano 3rd generation or to a macbook pro from 2010. After reading in the forums, I believe it's due to a very high sensitivity of the phones (119 db SPL) and a low impedance. The...
Very unfortunately, my hard disk with Linux died last week. I got a mac and cannot try that command now. Furthermore, I'm surrounded by mac, windows, and solaris users, but not Linux ones... I may install Linux on my new mac and then I will try that.   I cannot confirm this, but I don't think it can sample at 192kHz, for even the official drivers for mac currently do not support that. Only for Windows so far.   As an inexperienced audiophile, I...
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