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I'm assuming they listen to well mastered music, but yes, you are correct in that.
How far beyond 20kHz do you think you can hear, and how large of a range do you think that your supposed extended frequency perception represents? Did you determine your ability to hear extended super audible frequencies with tones at a fixed volume?
Your headphones make the difference more than anything.
I have Oppo PM-1s and an iPod Classic. They do the job.
I've found that to me, listening to music performed with acoustic instruments, accurate sounds better. Luckily, accurate is also pretty inexpensive.
High bitrate lossy shouldn't sound any different either.
I think there are two kinds of people interested in home audio... those who are interested in equipment, and those who are interested in music. You can pretty easily tell which one you are by comparing the cost of your stereo system to the cost of your music collection.   Me? I want calibrated accuracy. Once I get that, the components can go hide in a cupboard. I don't even need to look at them again. If I want a nice warm glow when I listen to music, I won't do it with...
 It really is pretty foolproof. The wild card is the acoustics of your particular living room or the limitations/peculiarity of your personal hearing and subjective biases. Measuring equipment is easy.
My iPhone has specs as good as very good  standalone home CD players. I use it both with headphones and in my speaker rig and it is perfect. Maybe other brands of phones are different.
 I thought you said you had an iPod and wanted to upgrade. I guess I didn't understand. Headphones are EVERYTHING. They are the most important part of your rig, and they dictate whether you need amping or not. Not all great headphones require amping. I don't want to lug around a separate amp, but I want great sound, so I have Oppo PM-1s. If you do the research before you buy headphones, you can get away with spending less on the electronics. When it comes to accuracy and...
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