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My friend, you are in the WRONG forum to be treating audio as a philosophy, not a science. You can parade around and make anti-intellectual statements that might get serious consideration from people who don't know better, but around here, it really won't get you very far. It just serves to make you seem like a troll.
Self evident is pretty much self evident. Even my mom could recognize that Bach is a greater composer than Schoenberg.   Art can be judged. It isn't like the Smurfs where "we are all just as good only different". Ask me which is better, Beethoven or Bach and I will have a harder time. But Bach vs Schoenberg? That question is a LOT easier to answer.
I really don't care... ten bucks, fifty bucks a hundred bucks... those are just arbitrary lines in the sand. The point is, you don't have to pay a thousand bucks to get top quality sound.
Schoenberg is not on the same level as Bach by just about any knowledgeable person's standards. He was good, but he wasn't in that select group.
There are artists who stand head and shoulders above all others. Beethoven was one. So was Duke Ellington. Picasso. Michelangelo. Caruso. The Beatles. Frank Lloyd Wright. Nijinsky. Even their worst is more interesting than most other artists' best. As you become more familiar with artists, you realize that they aren't all equal. There really are some who stand out.
That is a wonderful realization. Because until you admit you don't know, you won't take the time to do the research to actually know. We've been down that road and we are happy to share resources with you if you want to be sure. Too many people argue from ignorance and don't really want to know.
All creative people are artists... painters, musicians, actors, sculptors, filmmakers... The medium might be different, but the person doing the creating is the same.
People with OCD will LOVE washing their records, but they will never be satisfied with how clean they are. If you can focus on the music, vinyl is a real bargain. If you chase down the rabbit hole of sound quality, you would do better, just buying CDs
Schnabel is the Mount Everest of Diabellis. Not the best recording quality, but oh my! that touch on the keys. Every note is sculpted beautifully.
 Because not all artists are equals. Some actually *are* more important than others. I've found that in all fields of music, there are musicians that stand out... J. S. Bach, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles... all very different, but comparable.
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