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 The absolute WORST recorded jitter in any consumer audio product ever was a McIntosh product, so even with those names you can't be sure.
That EQ isn't a very significant correction. I bet they sound good to you without EQ too. With my Oppo PM-1s, I didn't have gradual slopes like that. The corrections I had were fairly narrow and never got over +/-3dB. Most of the correction was above 9kHz, so it was just the top octave.
 Do you think Bogart buys a used car by purchasing every one that he hears a single good about online, then driving it for himself, and returning it if he doesn't like it? I sure hope not!
The first thing you have to do is define exactly what it is that degrades as you age... That is ultra high frequencies above 15kHz.   Then you have to determine the importance of the loss to the fidelity of music... Almost negligible.   15-20kHz is only four musical notes. But we don't even hear it as notes, because it is far beyond our ability to discern pitch. No acoustic musical instrument has fundamentals that reach that high, and the only ones with audible...
Has anyone else noticed that Synthetic Research is absent from this thread after one post? If any of you participate in any other audio forums, please copy my picture here and post it with a link to the product page. I think other people should know about this. Don't you?
 SPIT TAKE! Holy cow! You have to be kidding. They have an entirely new reputation now!
Which bitrate and which codec? Have you tried AAC? It should be completely transparent by 256
I compare headphones to speakers using headphones and speakers.
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