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Can't just about anyone tell the difference between 128 MP3 and lossless?
Buy me a copy for my birthday and send it to me. I'm not subscribed to the AES, I'm afraid.
Here are two excellent videos that can help put things in context...   AES Audio Myths Seminar       AES Damn Lies Seminar  
Sounds to me like an impedance problem with the headphones you were using. Some headphones require amping and some don't.
I would think that if one person's study came up with results that no one else have ever found before, that person would want to be completely transparent with how they reached those results. It's been five years and no one is rushing out to try to duplicate their test to verify it, so I am assuming other researchers are figuring something in Denmark may be past its expiration date.
Stony silence isn't peer review
What music are you talking about? I know lots of recordings from the 70s with good bass. Are you talking about pop music that was designed to be played on AM radio? Because if so, there is your answer.
Not necessarily. If you have enough oomph to just be able to do the job, that's all that matters. Extra oomph ain't gonna make it any better.
I thought it was interesting that he seemed to think because back in the 70s his speakers were advertised as going up to 40kHz, that meant that he could hear up that high himself. I'm trying to wrap my head around the logic of that, but I'm having trouble with it. Is he saying that since he paid good money for speakers that go up to 40kHz, he damn well better get his money's worth and hear it?
He meant lossy compression
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