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I just have two... leather and velvet. Those two sound the same.
On vinyl, a 45 to 55dB dynamic range would be a half speed mastered pressing with lots of headroom. I had a Teldec LP of the Bizet's Carmen Suite that had a bass drum wallop that was completely untrackable by even the best turntables. (On CD it didn't sound particularly out of the ordinary, but on LP it was too much bass energy too close to the center groove where tracking and resolution are at their lowest.) A normal record from the late 70s or so would be pretty close to...
Old school generally means emotionally expressive, the performer adding his own personal interpretation. The Borodins are old school. Modern style is more straightforward playing with the focus on precision rather than emotion.
Not much else in Silver Ears' example up there!
I have PM-1s and the HA-1... Stone flat response. Neutral as one can possibly hope for. No harsh treble. No sound at all. Flat as a ruler. I ran tones on the PM-1s using the HA-1 as the amp. Remarkably flat.
The best equipment in the world won't improve the sound of massive clipping. Once the music has been hit with a sledgehammer of overdriving and compression, it is what it is. It'll never be any better.   I agree with you on the limited musical frame of reference most people have. I ask people what kind of music they like, and they answer "All kinds." So I ask them what their favorite opera or country artist or string quartet is... blank stares. It usually turns out that...
Music that is slammed into the wall like that would sound harsh with just about any headphones. I've never understood why people who like music that is poorly mastered bother spending a lot of money on audiophile sound equipment. 
 4th, 7th, 8th
In practice, LPs, even well mastered classical ones, generally have around 45-55 dB of dynamic range. Peaks may be cut in hot to go higher, but they distort, and stuff down in the quiet range below that are usually buried in surface noise. If your LP of Solti's Mahler had 70dB of dynamic range, you wouldn't have been nearly as impressed with a 90dB CD.
8 bit isn't too far from what an LP record would be.
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