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You can pretty much be sure that a high bitrate file sold to audiophiles has different mastering than a CD or iTunes version sold to kids. Bounce the hires version down and compare apples to apples and you will have a MUCH harder time discerning a difference. Particularly if you use LAME VBR for the MP3. I would bet that you couldn't discern a difference between that at all.
Wagner's Ring needs to be moved along. It's supposed to be an exciting story, not the static lumbering thing it's sometimes made out to be. The main issue that separates great conductors from mediocre ones is the orchestral balance. It's too easy to lay it on like porridge and not hear any transparency. For singers, the key thing is acting. Those long stretches where characters relate the story from their own point of view need to be put across through vivid acting. It's...
and Beethoven and Wagner.
 DC offset is liable to be way down close to the noise floor of the recording. Clipping is up at the top, where 16 and 24 are identical.
Jitter in the degree it exists in even the cheapest home audio equipment is inaudible. Most of the time, it's many many times below the threshold of audibility.
It's unlikely that bumping up to 24 bit makes any difference there, except with the correction of the DC offset. Where is that coming from? Do you have a bad sound card? The clipping correction is all operating up at the top of the volume range, not down by the noise floor where 24 bit would make a difference.
We're always happy to explain the technical details if you don't understand. Just let us know. But otherwise we cut to the chase and point at what is causing the person's mistaken impression, not the underlying theory behind it.
Micro Details are too Micro.
I think the problem is considering Lang Lang an "interpreter". Lang Lang is an amateur making sorta high splats on the wall.   It is possible to have good taste in music. Someone who knows the range of what a particular piece can express who complains about a superficial performance definitely knows more than someone who isn't familiar with the piece at all and is just enjoying the tunes.
Soundstage is a very vague term in the way audiophiles use it. Over compressed music sounds loud and flat... little depth or contrast to the volume. Compression is a very useful tool if used properly, particularly for vocals. But if it's applied ham handedly, it makes everything dense sounding.
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