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As you say, ignorance is bliss. But I find it's better to know what you are talking about. However, I think if you continue that hard line, you're going to have some trouble finding professional engineers to work with. Just about all of the studios I work with have moved the 2 inch tape decks out of the machine room and just maintain one in the dub room for copying old masters.   You're talking to someone who knows both sides... I actually supervised recording sessions...
Prez Prado playing Mambo No 8 from the film Cha Cha Cha Boom (1956)  
Cab Calloway plays "The Reefer Man" from the 1933 film International House...  
Here is some great early jazz played on a contemporary phonograph... King Oliver's "I Must Have It" (1930)  
I have decided that when it comes to Brahms, I don't like it performed "properly". Today I listened to Ansermet's 4th. He is about the last person most would go to for Brahms, but I thought it was fantastic. The quiet parts had the lyrical swing of Mendelssohn and the dramatic parts had the color and swagger of Tchaikovsky. I think I prefer Brahms to not be played like Brahms. It sounds too bloodless and monumental and bland that way. I prefer it when it's goosed up and...
You need a good engineer who knows how to use protools properly. You can't get the best out of technology if you are blissfully ignorant of how it works.
Are you talking about a CD player that records? That's consumer stuff. I'm talking about an analogue to digital converter... and there are plenty of them for under $200 that can do the job perfectly.   Here is a little bit of logic to wrap your head around... If a CD rip of a record can contain everything an LP can without any compromise, then how can the CD format itself be inferior? The answer is it can't. The problem isn't the CD format. It's the quality of the...
 The difference between WAV and FLAC is one thing, but you seem to not have much of a grasp of how digital audio works in general. If you are a musician, that is OK as long as you leave it to your producers and engineers to take care of for you, but you won't want to start saying this stuff in the studio. You'll end up giving your engineers the wrong direction.
I did it with one of the best sounding LPs ever made and it was EXACTLY the same. Perhaps your digitizing box isn't the best. It doesn't matter how good the record sounds if the box converting from analogue to digital isn't up to snuff.
The interesting thing is that you can take the best sounding LP in the world and capture it to redbook audio, burn it on a CD and play it back alongside the original LP and it is absolutely impossible to tell the difference. I know. I've done it with one of the best recorded LPs ever made and a very good turntable and preamp.
New Posts  All Forums: