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Most people live in real world rooms though. Theory is  a great place to start, but the real world intrudes too
We all know the source of it
Inaudible is inaudible. -60dB and below is inaudible under music.
The only way an amp can affect dynamics is if it is underpowered for the job. If you put in a signal that is at peak level and one that is -60dB, it should come out the other end with a 60dB difference too. If it doesn't there is something wrong with the amp.
 I don't see why people even argue this. Why would anybody want an amp that isn't flat and clean? If they don't sound the same, take them back and demand your money back!
 I take the practical approach. All amps should sound the same. If they don't something is wrong with them.
In space no one can hear you scream.       ...but what about the space between ears?!
 I think most of us are talking about Solid State amps when we say that all decent amps should sound the same. There are tube amps that are audibly as accurate as solid state ones, but there are plenty that aren't too. Over the past 40 years in this hobby, I've had a lot of amps, and I have compared all of them. Only one was audibly different. It had a very high noise floor. But it was a cheap receiver I bought in high school in the mid-1970s, so it's long gone now. Since,...
I answered the fella's questions in PM. He thanked me for replying. I don't think he knows why it was locked either.
That's a really useful review. When I was equalizer shopping, it was very difficult to find out the info I was looking for on various models. Those tests convince me that I made the right choice.
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