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bit depth not bitrate, then
I haven't gone to the movies since I built the theater/listening room. My picture and sound is better than any theater, and I don't have to wait in line or pay for parking. The best part is I can pause the movie when I need to pee!   The media server also contains movies. I'm working on ripping TV shows right now because I want to build a library of episodes and then put them on shuffle play and stream TV around the house 24/7. After that, I hope to do the same for...
If you consider them a bunch of different tests it may be considered blind. But if you are considering it all part of the same test, it isn't blind.
 To discern higher screen resolution in video, you have to sit closer to the screen. At some point, you have to sit so close to see full resolution that you can't see the whole screen at one time any more. The amount of resolution you can see depends on the size of the screen and how far back from it you sit. The larger the screen and the closer you sit, the more resolution is necessary. 4K is suitable for projection in a movie theater. With audio the determining factor on...
If you look at your results as you go, you aren't doing a blind test.   I don't think that there is a piece of recorded music with a dynamic range that gets close to needing 24 bit, so it really doesn't matter what music you use.
No problem... I have a Mac Mini media server with 50TB of attached storage. On the server is about two years' worth of music ripped to AAC 256 VBR. The library streams throughout the house 24/7 using an Airport network. My amp is a Yamaha 5.1 AV receiver. The system also is used as a theater with an HD projector and 120 inch screen.
I enjoy my speakers. I just use headphones when I can't use speakers (Oppo PM-1)
I'm not getting any corruption that matters.
If they play and I can't hear it, I don't care.
 If it wouldn't open and play.
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