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How fast does misinformation travel? It seems to defy physics sometimes!
I just realized I sent him a test a month ago. He hasn't responded with his results yet.
That photo isn't of sound mixing or recording. It appears to be editing.
Hey! My like buttons reappeared! Can you guys see my like button now?
 I have found that the point of audible transparency with lossy formats is 320 for LAME MP3 and 256 for AAC.
 Electronic music has no relationship to live music in the traditional sense. It isn't like an acoustic guitar in a room that has a natural frequency response and room acoustic. Since the voices of the electronic instruments are all tuned individually, and the sound is entirely in a mix and never inhabits a real space, there is no baseline for "proper" presentation. Acoustic music is what demands accuracy to sound right, not purely electronic music.
 That's a boutique label that caters to a very specific demographic. That isn't the way that music or tv programs or movies you generally find are produced. Sound engineers mix on speakers. Headphones are only used in the booth for isolation.
 I have a test I would be happy to share with you. It's ten samples of music in a FLAC file. The samples consist of AAC, MP3 Fraunhofer and MP3 LAME at 192, 256 and 320... plus one sample which is lossless. It's your job to listen to them and tell which is which to the best of your ability. There is just one rule to the test... you can only listen to the samples, you aren't allowed to open them in an audio editing program. If you would like to hear the truth for yourself,...
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