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Jitter in the amount in typical home audio equipment, even the cheapest equipment is between 10 and 100 times below the threshold of audibility. Jitter is not an issue.
Why do people insist on using IEMs that the DAPs weren't designed to be used for, and then blame the DAP for having bad sound? If you want to use IEMs just patch into the line out and plug in an amp designed to work with the IEMs.   The "sound" of a DAP is what comes out of the line out. The impedance is a function of the earphones.
Grab it quick. This can't last.
DACs all sound the same because they're *designed* to all sound the same. If they sound different, they aren't performing to spec and there's probably something wrong with them.
I'm sure you understand what you're trying to say. That makes one of us.
This is the best 6moons review ever...
The Carnegie Hall box has a DVD of the breakthrough televised concert in 1968. It was broadcast in prime time on CBS(?) and made Horowitz a superstar. They say after that broadcast, it never took longer than an hour to sell out one of his performances. Sometimes he would add another and another and another and they would all sell out immediately.   I'm going to watch the DVD tomorrow. I remember watching it as a kid and being enthralled with his flat fingers. I look...
Interesting. They've updated their codecs since Google took over. Mono is AAC 128, which should get up to around 16-17kHz. Hidef movies get a little more with 384 stereo. That should get up almost to 20kHz.   But that particular video was uploaded three years ago at 380p, so it probably has 128 or 192 AAC, which tops out around 14kHz.
People can claim what they want to claim, but if you check the actual output of the youtube video, you'll find the AAC audio track starts rolling down at 12 and is pretty much gone by 17. That's just how AAC works at lower bit rates. Bump it up to 320 and you might get up to 19 or 20kHz.   This video sweeps faster above 10kHz and stops very soon after that. I can hear a little ways beyond 10, but it's hard to stop it in time when it goes that fast.
It's walking on a tightrope. You can't do that and even hope to pull it off unless you are at the absolute top of your game. I've known a few artists who could "plane" like this... just focus and create and not follow any pre-established pattern. They're the most exciting and interesting artists I know. Stokowski was like that on the podium. But with a solo instrumentalist who has complete control over what they are doing, it's golden.
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