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Hey Magiccabbage. I don't think many people know what you're talking about. They are posting rock musicians with acoustic guitars, not acoustic music. You should post some videos to show them what you're talking about.
 AAC 320 is definitely transparent. Even AAC 256 is transparent. For 95% of music AAC192 is fine.
No problem! Feel free to add your own reviews if you know of neat stuff.
Here is a new one...     Donald Fagen: The Nightfly Japanese SACD   This has always been one of my reference albums on CD, so picking up the SACD was a no-brainer. Except for the price. For some reason, this was only released in the US in a small limited edition, and prices have skyrocketed. Thankfully, it's in print in Japan, so I was able to find a copy on eBay.   Like Steely Dan's Gaucho, this album has some of the most effective recording and mixing techniques...
Not to human ears. Anything audibly transparent sounds the same. More file size above that is just packing peanuts in the box.
yup. higher bit rates don't matter either.
Listened to this one last night...     Elton John: Honky Chateau SACD   Everything I said about Goodbye Yellow Brick Road goes double for this album. This one is even better sounding. The reason is that the production is more straightforward... not as much doubling and tripling of vocals. Basic arrangements focusing on the piano and rhythm section. The lifelike presence and soundstage on this is phenomenal. It's like Elton John sitting at the piano right in front of...
I buy music, not file formats.
Remastering > hires
Didn't they just remaster Venus and Mars? I like the russian album the best.
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