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Schnabel has a wild cadenza!   Geza Anda is my favorite for the Mozart piano concertos.
I took a track and bounced it from CD to AAC256 to AIFF to AAC256 over and over again ten times and it still sounded pretty doggone good.   Someone once mentioned to me that you lose more going back and forth from AAC to MP3 because the codecs affect different things. That might be the case, but I still think the loss would be pretty small.
If I would have to strain to hear a difference and don't hear a difference under careful listening, I just don't care. My goal is to make significant improvements to my sound, not to diddle around on meaningless details. Maybe there is a difference, but all things being made equal, my ears can't hear it. That's where I stop. Other folks with more free time can feel free to split the atom. I have bigger fish to fry.   If I *did* actually hear a difference, then I would go...
Sure, but I was just checking to see if I could tell a difference at all, and I couldn't. If I had thought I could hear a difference that was very small, I would have shifted to blind testing to verify there actually was a difference, but I didn't hear any difference at all. You can't have a bias in favor of neither.   Blind testing is most important for verifying small subtle differences. With blatantly obvious differences or no perceptible difference at all, you just...
I doubt there is a difference at all. Thinking of reasons there might be a difference before proving one exists is putting the cart before the horse. It's simple to check with a line level matched A/B direct switched comparison like I did for all my Apple products. If someone can do that and describe the difference they're hearing, then we can start thinking of why.
I'm sure the vast majority of products use the chip to do the D/A conversion without any input from the player software. If a software update actually did make an audible difference that people could detect, it would have to be a massive change to get around the shortness of auditory memory for similar sounds.
It seems odd for a DAP manufacturer to go out of their way to mess up the sound, when just taking the straight output of the DAC is perfect. But never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.
How would you go about doing that when the dac is just wired in with audio ins and outs and power? There's no control wiring on DACs.
Even without dithering, the noise is still inaudible under music.
 I don't know what a clip is. I have checked every one of my Apple devices in a direct A/B line level matched comparison against the CD in my home system, and I can't discern a difference at all. That is all I need. I imagine there are crappy DAPs out there. I have no idea why anyone would buy them when transparent DACs cost about the same. If I bought something that altered the sound, I'd return it.
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