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Direct A/B switching is the easiest way to discern between two similar sounds. If you can't hear a difference when you can put one right next to the other, you sure aren't going to hear it when you have been listening for ten minutes and your ears have become totally acclimated to the noise.   However, extended listening time is a great way to develop placebo bias and to convince yourself you can hear something you really can't.
Personally, I'd rather just choose good cans and a player that don't require amping. The less clutter the better.
I am totally serious. How important do you think crosstalk is with headphones? There are tons of wires available for less than a meal at McDonalds that will do the job as well as any other set of wires. Cables don't matter.
"Soundstage" is the high end audio term for "placebo effect".
The problem is when you have fluorescent lights, refrigerators or air conditioning units on the same circuit as your stereo equipment. I was adding power along the ceiling for lighting anyway, so I just added another circuit and separated the room power from the theater equipment. It was all done to code, so no ground loop problems.
I just added a dedicated power circuit to my listening room for the a/v stuff
With ground loops, either you have a clear problem that is blatantly obvious, or you don't have any problem at all. 
Apple's iPod and iPhone have sound quality as good as the best standalone CD players. I could have told you that before you bought another DAP.
Yes, but everything Pentatone does themselves is DSD based. (not that it makes a lick of difference.)
I think most Pentatone releases are recorded DSD.
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