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I have to say, if you're speaking entirely for your own benefit, then huge blocks of line by line replies is great. But for the rest of us, we say TL:DR.   I got as far as your first comment. Once black reaches a point where it is completely black to the eye, there is nothing blacker than that. Most solid state amps are audibly transparent by many many times, as much as an order of magnitude from audible levels. Once an amp reaches that threshold and crosses it, it...
I love salesmen like that. It's not enough to get a sale of a pair of headphones, they have to convince you to buy an amp too.   I have very nice headphones and a very nice headphone amp that was designed for them. The cans sound the same plugged straight into my iMac as it does through the headphone amp.
oh well...
Why is it a flac?
Can you just post an MP3 with the final result?
Audible is what counts.
Oh, I wasn't talking about the studio. I was talking about the typical filtering that a home audio person uses... EQ, DSPs, cross feed, etc. The music is already mixed. There is a limit to what you can do without all of the separate tracks anyway. It's the same with photography. If the photo is properly exposed, you don't need to push anything three stops to get it right. The latitude in a jpeg is plenty.
It depends on your style of shooting. If you are a "grab and go- fix it later" kind of photographer, you need a lot of latitude. But if you are the type of photographer that tweaks every setting to get proper exposures in camera, jpeg is fine. There are professional photographers who shoot jpeg, and there are audiophiles who listen to lossy. Usually, it's the duffers who worry endlessly about file sizes.   When I did my test, I figured at absolute worst, I might be...
Nobody mention the squeaky chair!
JPGs and MP3s have a lot more latitude than you seem to think. You can apply all sorts of filtration to them with no problems. 
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