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 Audiophile equipment is more likely to be colored to create a "house sound". I'd rather have accurate sound. It's cheaper and sounds better.
Frequency response, distortion, dynamics, noise and directionality/phase. In modern solid state electronics, it's all pretty much taken care of. With modern transducers Frequency Response and Directionality are the big variables.
Here is another spectacular DVD-A...     Dave Grusin Two For The Road: The Music of Henry Mancini   I mentioned the three types of surround recordings in my last post... This one is a brilliant example of Realistic Soundstage with Little Rear Channel style. In fact, it might just be the best sounding recording I've ever heard. The music is jazz/funk West Coast adaptations of Mancini's hits. If you are...
Everything in sound is measurable. It's a result of frequency response differences
 That's kind of like saying "I started keeping my car keys in my left pocket instead of my right and I immediately noticed that my car was able to drive further on a single tank of gas."
 Yes they are. I've owned plenty. And there is no such thing as "slightly less transparent". Audible transparency is the same just over the line as a mile beyond it.
 I do line level matched direct A/B switched comparison tests of every piece of equipment I own. Every player and every amp/receiver I have ever owned sounds identical. If you would like some recommendations of dependable brands next time you are in the market, let me know.
 GREAT NEWS! Just about all midrange solid state electronics are designed to be audibly transparent. You can swap amps and players all you want and the sound stays transparent. This makes it VERY easy to use an equalizer at the last stage before the transducer to calibrate it exactly the way you want. The added benefit to you is that it doesn't cost a lot of money! I bet you're happy to find this out.
We've have over a century of experience in sound reproduction under our belts now, and in that time we've created the light bulb, split the atom, put a man on the moon and created the internet too. I would think that it is bordering on the absurd to suggest that there are primary principles of sound reproduction that we don't understand yet. But folks cling so hard to their misconceptions they utter completely absurd things without even realizing the absurdity of it.
 They're your target audience!
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