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Most people don't use the smart play listing feature because it takes a while to figure out how the script works, but if you set up some good criteria, you can really make your collection present itself to you in very useful ways.
 Congratulations! You win the prize! You have progressed from calmly talking about things with people in a thread to ad hominem insults and out of hand dismissals faster than anyone ever has at Sound Science! Keep up the good work.
 The reason people fall in love with second tier headphones is because they can be EQed into sounding like top tier headphones.
Do you swim upstream on tagging conventions? I know a lot of people who listen to classical music do that and run into problems with iTunes.   I usually don't use the interface on my computer. Everything goes through my airport system, so the interface I use is the one on my iPhone. You might try that. It's pretty simple.
 I'm sorry for responding to this so late. Your terseness made it hard for me to understand what you were saying. I read your abbreviation as Frequency Modulation and had no idea what you were talking about. But in answer to this... The sound mixer that mixed and balanced the EQ in the recording did it using speakers and ears that were affected by Fletcher Munson. They already compensated for it when they made the creative decisions when balancing levels and EQ in their...
 I don't understand what the heck you're talking about, and comments like this make me wonder if it's worth trying to puzzle out what you are trying to say. If you want to go down this path of discussion, it would be best to do that in a different forum. It has nothing to do with what we talk about here.
I never cared for Haitink's or Boulez's Debussy (or Ravel), even they both get lots of great reviews. They just seem bloodless, like they're in black and white instead of vivid technicolor. I like Dutoit and especially Munch.
I have a massive collection of music, and iTunes handles it like a champ. It runs 24/7. Very fleixible and very stable. But I am on a Mac. May be different on a PC.
 You should. Midrange solid state amps are just as good as high end ones nowadays. Electronics is electronics.
 iPods. But I would imagine most DAPs are audibly transparent with the right headphones.
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