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 Nope, we should rack up the same recording of music on two different players and run their output into a line level matched direct A/B switcher so we can compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
Yes, I think Apple was probably getting too many dropped iPods back for servicing under Apple Care.
Ha Ha! Is he still at it? Thankfully, the powers that be at Head-Fi have given the the power to silence his nonsense! Thanks Mods!
Best to look for ACCURATE equipment... the stuff that measures accurate to within the range of human hearing. Outside that? Who cares.
Hi Castle of Argh.   You are correct. Short samples with direct line level matched A/B comparison are MUCH more accurate than long period listening. Human ears have a very short memory... In the range of a few seconds at most. Go beyond that and anything remotely close sounds the same. Or bias creeps in. Either way it isn't correct.
Why am I continually asked to look at comments in this thread when there are no new comments to read?
More isn't better. Better is better.
crickets. would someone like to highlight the worthwhile commentary here?
Well, in the absence of comments on the subject, I'll make a few comments...   The wonder of sound is based on the accuracy of sound. We hear real life with our ears in a very specific way. That has been determined by careful listening tests that establish the thresholds of human perception. However, a lot of home audio, particularly transducers, don't live up to those qualities. The closer they get, the better they are. It's pretty simple to determine whether a...
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