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Oh! Happy to help with an answer to that... People can't hear a difference between lossy and lossless above the point of audible transparency and that depends on the bitrate and codec used.
I did the test and determined that my whole library could be lossy.
Complexity of the music isn't the issue. There are just certain kinds of sounds that are more prone to artifact. Transparency is the lack of momentary artifacts. It isn't an overall sound quality. It's that the higher the rate, the fewer artifacts there are, until the artifacts disappear entirely.
 None of which have anything to do with the sound quality of the player itself.
 What about a $199 audiophile DAP?
Why would any DAC sound different than any other? If they do, they are defective or poorly designed. Just get an iPod and use the DAC in that. Simple and perfect.
I think I just bought an RCA to three prong at Monoprice and it worked fine. No problem there.   In theory if you find the proper response, everything should sound the same because all music is mixed to a balanced response. The only exception is badly engineered pop music that wasn't mixed on calibrated monitors or mixes by engineers with tin ears. If you keep adjusting, odds are you haven't found the sweet spot yet.
 Redbook and high rate lossy are the same too. MP3 LAME 320, AAC 256 VBR.... same same.
Well you want the original, because Love is a montage. Not the albums themselves. I am perfectly fine with throwing out all the Elton John CDs that aren't in 5.1. He nailed it. The mixes have the exact same balances as the original spread out to six channels. Absolutely stunning and it replaces the original perfectly. Love can't do that because it's one CD doing a readers digest version of more than a dozen.
Really good sausages are great. I like Portuguese Lingueca myself.
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