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I think most Pentatone releases are recorded DSD.
There are two parts to science in home audio... the science of how electronics reproduce music, and the science of how we hear. Most audiophiles know a lot about the former and nothing at all about the latter. If you just do a little googling on "thresholds of human hearing", and compare that to the measurements of a silver cable, it's easy to know that there isn't going to be an audible difference. 99% of knowing the truth is asking the right questions.
Congratulations! You have just graduated to the REAL high end audio!
By George, I think you've got it!
Bringing up 5kHz to match 9kHz is going to make the sibilance worse, not better. You have to EQ with your ears, not charts. The range of deviation just from manufacturing error can be 5dB or more. Only the most expensive headphones have deviation from spec less that 3dB.
Just about all CD players and DACs are audibly transparent. There isn't likely to be any difference at all between them. The reason to choose one over the other is features and convenience, not sound quality.
9kHz is a full octave above the vocals. I don't see anything on any of those charts that would account for sibilance in vocals. It's likely just manufacturing variance with those particular headphones. An EQ dip around 3 to 5kHz would take care of it. A little experimentation with Q widths and amounts of correction would locate the sweet spot.
neither of those charts indicate any emphasis of the frequencies that cause sibilance.
Just do a fair line level matched direct switchable A/B blind comparison test. I can't tell you how many people came in here convinced they KNEW but only had subjective impressions to back it up. THAT isn't science. Or they try to argue that our ears or equipment aren't good enough. My ears and equipment are fine. Come by and visit me in Los Angeles and I will give you a demonstration to show you what REALLY matters when it comes to sound quality.
It's not a good idea to go into the "Sound Science! This isn't SCIENCE!" When you don't know what science is yourself.
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