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 Put signal in one end. See if it's the same when it comes out the other side.
 Try again.
 Not if you were brave enough to actually cite a figure for the time alteration.
 The sound on the CD you are playing.
I love it when the person with the lowest score claims victory. Vote Dewey!
 I'm not an expert. I'm just the one that took the time to research and had the open mind to find out from experts. You just totally dismissed the video by a professional sound engineer who has hosted seminars at the AES. Am I going to assume that you are even interested in finding out from experts? Hmmmm.... still thinking. Get back to me when you've made the effort to do your homework. Just to let you know. You've graduated to the ranks of the elite that I only read the...
 I have 590s and those are good, but there is a mid bass hump and the midrange is a bit recessed.
 That youtube video is by someone a heck of a lot more knowledgeable than I am. And even more knowledgeable than you. No difference. Do you even want to know? Because if you are incapable of learning, I am going to talk over your head to the lurkers who are.
 Audiophile equipment is more likely to be colored to create a "house sound". I'd rather have accurate sound. It's cheaper and sounds better.
Frequency response, distortion, dynamics, noise and directionality/phase. In modern solid state electronics, it's all pretty much taken care of. With modern transducers Frequency Response and Directionality are the big variables.
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