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DSPs are not equalization. They alter the timing of the various channels in a 5.1 system to create space by manipulating phase. It creates a dimensional sound field around you. Headphones can't do that because they only have two channels and they are strapped directly to your ears.
But... but... Without filters, all DACs sound the same!
Sounds like the setup to a joke... Multiple Poles walk into a bar... In any case, here is what the VP of Marketing has to say about the technology...       Are those Harman Kardon Sound Sticks next to the computer there?
Symphony 4 is his most famous, but for me the last three are amazing. I get something out of all of his symphonies. (Even number zero) He didn't do any concertos that I know of... just a couple of overtures, symphonies, choral works, organ and solo piano and some chamber stuff (I haven't heard any of that).
Here is a better explanation of multipole technology. Hope this clears it up for everyone!       Note that they are able to measure Articulation in percentage values.
Knock yourself out, guys.
"High Fidelity" originally meant a "full frequency response recording" (FFRR) specifically the range of typical human hearing. Today, just about everything halfway decent is "high fidelity". Now audiophile folks are trying to redefine the term to include frequencies we can't hear.   By the way, you are in Sound Science... for us expectations about what quality is "good enough" have absolutely nothing to do with price. We judge by measurements here.
I'm on Verizon and the server is responding. Perhaps there is a bottleneck between your server and my web host. Try again a little later.
 Which one was accurately doing the d/a conversion? They can't all be performing to spec if they all sound different. It's much more likely that high end DACs are jury rigged to alter the sound than midrange ones. Try comparing to the line out from an iPod or a decent blu-ray player and see which one matches those. Those are most likely to be accurate. I have an Oppo HA-1 and iPods and iPhones and Macs and an Oppo BDP-103D and a low end Sony blu-ray player... all of those...
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