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I just looked it up and the iPhone 6 does 1080. But you would have to hold it right up to your face to be able to see the full resolution, because the screen is only 5.5 inches. You'd need very sharp eyes! Maybe they could make some sort of goggles that the iPhone drops into that optically makes it seem like the screen is bigger and further away. Kind of like a stereoptican viewer
Pssst... I think he's gone now.
Actually, on an acoustic phonograph the needles wear out so the record doesn't. The needles are soft nickel plated steel with a rounded point, and the shellac of the record contains abrasives that wear the steel needle down so it fits snugly in the groove after the first couple of spins. You change steel needles with every record you play and throw away the old ones. If you keep using the same steel needle over and over, the abrasives sharpen the needle until it starts...
I guess you're talking a tablet or laptop then.
 I have a 100 year old acoustic phonograph. No electricity involved. It uses a steel nail to play the record and the tonearm weighs about a pound. That means that the point of the nail and the groove come together with tremendous force. I came across a mint copy of a record, so I decided to do a test. I transferred the record with an electronic turntable. Then I played it 100 times on my acoustic phonograph. I was sick of that song by the time I was done. Then I...
 You need to plug into a big screen TV and play back 1080p? I don't think there's any portable device that does that. But you could certainly carry a portable hard drive packed with MKVs around with you and plug in to a blu-ray player with a USB connection. That's probably the best way to transport HD video.
I think someone should take the links in the first post, clean out the dead links and repost it. Too many people post to the thread without bothering to read what it is about. It's about controlled test results of audio myths
good one, god!
He's desperate to draw me in. Ain't gonna happen. Tell it to the hand.
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