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No, DAPs are not designed to work with low impedance IEMs. They are designed to work with high impedance small portable headphones. They figure if you are going to plug something in that requires amping, you'll have an amp.
Actually, I think that is an Oliver Hardy line and I didn't credit him either!
Mine was cancelled too. Oh well, I have the complete Hanssler Bach box, so I've got the cantatas covered.
Junk videos
Jitter in the amount in typical home audio equipment, even the cheapest equipment is between 10 and 100 times below the threshold of audibility. Jitter is not an issue.
Why do people insist on using IEMs that the DAPs weren't designed to be used for, and then blame the DAP for having bad sound? If you want to use IEMs just patch into the line out and plug in an amp designed to work with the IEMs.   The "sound" of a DAP is what comes out of the line out. The impedance is a function of the earphones.
Grab it quick. This can't last.
DACs all sound the same because they're *designed* to all sound the same. If they sound different, they aren't performing to spec and there's probably something wrong with them.
I'm sure you understand what you're trying to say. That makes one of us.
This is the best 6moons review ever...
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