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Each line is 10dB, but there is no zero line, so the first lines on either side of the baseline of the response are 5. I wasn't even good in math, and I can see that!
 The joke is, even if they did it properly, there still wouldn't be any audible difference.
I insist that Brussel Sprouts are poison. It's my opinion and it is just as good as any other opinion. If you disagree, either you are deaf or your stereo system is too cheap to reveal the poisonousness of Brussel Sprouts. If you persist in insisting that Brussel Sprouts are not poisonous, I am going to get emotionally distraught and notify the mods and they will lock this thread. So it's better for all of us to just agree that Brussel Sprouts are poison.
Someday, someone is going to create a first class portable digital equalizer and the whole headphone market will take a nose dive. Instead of buying five or six sets of cans and swapping pads and modding them to try to shove them in the right or wrong direction, people will buy one set and EQ it exactly the way they want it to be.
Try googling "perception of super audible frequencies".
.5 to 1dB is the just detectable threshold for volume variations in tones. There have been listening tests that have established the thresholds of human hearing and a simple google search will pull up the info. It's very useful to know what those are when you look at specs for home audio equipment. Then you know whether a difference in a number one way or the other is audible or not. If you can't hear it, it doesn't matter.
No, that is the old remastering I think... this is the most recent... A dollar a disk!
As long as brussel sprouts are poisonous, because that is my experience with them.
The best Toscanini transfers are on the newest Sony box set. The Membran Furtwangler box has great sound too.
 100dB is very loud.
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