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 Exactly, and you also run the risk that your system plays high rates differently than redbook.
 Every Apple product I've ever had going all the way back to an ancient 8500AV and a second generation iPod are stone flat. No color at all. I've had dozens of Apple products... all identical.
Just buy an iPod then. I have Oppo PM-1s and they work fine straight out of my iPod.
The snake oil salesman gets a penny for your hit.
The way to know for sure is to take one of your HD Tracks, bounce it down to 16/44.1 and back up to "HD" again, then do a blind test. Five bucks says if you do this, the difference will go away.
The threshold of perception for volume is between .5 and 1 dB. For music it is higher than with test tones. 30dB is as quiet as a library.   You aren't thinking in the range of reality. In the real world everything is much less sensitive than your abstract concepts.
It helps to figure out how things work. Then you know what to expect. I always try to puzzle those things out when I shop. Reviews that are clear and explain and outline the options are the most helpful.   But obviously a DAP isn't necessarily "colored" if it changes depending on what headphones you plug into it. Clearly the headphones are what are changing, not the DAP. That just makes sense.
By the way, just because the threshold of pain for hearing is up around 120dB, it doesn't mean that humans can hear down to 0dB at the same time. Human hearing compensates for the average sound level and focuses on that. If there are loud horn blasts alternating with the musician turning the page of his music, you aren't going to hear the page turns the way you would if you had been sitting in a silent room for a few minutes and then heard a page turn.
Peaks aren't the issue, the noise floor is. Dynamics in digital audio extends downward, not upward. The peaks are the same level no matter whether you use an MP3 or DSD. The difference in resolution is down in the super quiet stuff.   If your living room is very quiet, it might have a 30dB noise floor. In order to hear the quietest sounds in a 90dB recording, you would have to raise them above the level of your room tone. That means that the 90dB dynamic range is...
It's possible to think analytically about artistic things too. Some of the most logical and methodical people I know are artists. People just use art as an excuse for sloppy logic. Usually, those people aren't even artistic either, so they don't have much of anything going for them.
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