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Ethan Winer has some off the shelf kits that can help you set up basic room treatment. I think he has videos on them up at youtube.
Why do you guys waste your time? Use the block tool.
 I've found that because of remastering errors, it's usually better to play early recordings on the type of machine they were designed for. It depends on the era though. Acoustic sounds MUCH better on acoustic. Early electrical sounds better on modern turntables, because they didn't have the bugs worked out yet. mid 40s stuff sounds really good on a contemporary jukebox. 50s LPs can often sound better on a good 50s hifi system. 60s and 70s, it's hit or miss whether it...
duh wha?
a little more than a penny apiece
Here are the articles on needles...   This one talks about the makeup of the records...
 I'm referring to shellac 78s, not vinyl LPs by the way. Each steel needle is good for one record side (4 minutes). After you use it you throw it away. I buy needles in batches of 300 at a time. There are three kinds of needles which each produce a different volume level... soft tone, medium tone and loud tone. Acoustic phonographs don't have volume controls. The dynamics are a straight line from record to the horn. The natural volume level that they heard when it was...
 Published specs and everything!
Maybe a big phone and an iPod classic and headphones that don't require amping would be the closest to what you want.
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