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Wide Sound Stage   Sennheiser HD-800 AKG K702       Narrow Sound Stage
Please just list...   1) Over the ear headphones with narrow soundstage and...   2) over the ear headphones with wide soundstage.   Ones that you have heard, or ones that are generally accepted to be like that because of the way they sound. As extreme examples as you can. But if you add comments about what aspects of those headphones make them that way, it won't help me.   It's interesting that people in Sound Science avoid following the basic process. We are...
I am asking for three or so over ear headphones that are generally accepted as having narrow soundstage, and three or so that are generally accepted to have wide soundstage. I don't want theories about why yet. I just want raw observation. I have no dog in this fight. I am curious and I want to find out using logic. Ideally, I would like a list of the extremes on both ends. Nominations are open.
 Again. Don't come up with a hypothesis and then look for examples that prove it. That's what the audiophools do. I want examples of extreme wide soundstage and extreme narrow. Observation of the sound only. I won't listen to the suggestion if someone tries to answer why until we've determined which cans we are talking about. Otherwise it's begging the question and defining the result before we ask it.
That is a hypothesis, not the answer to my question. Are those the two widest extremes that are generally accepted among audiophiles who talk about soundstage in headphones? That is what we are looking for. I don't want to define the answer by the choices of headphones to compare.
 That is a good hypothesis. We're working now on proving or disproving it and isolating exactly what creates what people describe as head stage.
Well engineered music *is* designed to be played with a flat response. My speaker system is audibly flat and almost all stereo and digital era recordings sound perfectly balanced without having to touch the tone controls. The same is true of most 50s and 60s jazz, and 1950s popular music of all kinds. The area where engineering doesn't follow the standard is in some modern remasterings of 70s rock music, a lot of contemporary pop music and rock... and just about all hip...
 So IEM is more apt to have greatly reduced head stage than over ear... are there any IEMs that have very open head stage? And what are the narrowest and widest over ear cans?
 The key word is *audibly* flat... not flat on a chart or flat to a microphone... flat to human ears.
Does anyone know two sets of cans which are generally accepted to be extreme examples of no headstage and big headstage? If we had something to compare, perhaps we could look at the specs and figure out what makes headstage work.
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