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I've had Apple products going back to the 8500 AV over fifteen years ago, and every one of them is perfectly transparent.
Can't kick a dog enough when it's down!
 Where did you get that theory from? It's an amp, not a microwave oven. And even if it was a 100 foot tall radio transmitter, three wires connecting two plugs together isn't going to make a lick of difference.
 There is absolutely nothing in the signal path except three wires connecting the two plugs together. If you are hearing a difference, do you have a better explanation of why you might be hearing a difference that can't exist? It's either some kind of fourth dimensional mumbo jumbo magic or expectation bias, and I think I know which one is more likely. You are subject to expectation bias. So am I. So is every other human being on earth. That really isn't an insult. There's...
I've heard audiophiles who collect SACDs and order from HD Tracks wax rhapsodic about the sound of Donald Fagen's "The Nightly". Whenever you ask audiophiles what their reference recording is, it's usually near the top of the list. I agree. It actually *is* one of the best sounding rock albums ever made. Audiophiles pay high prices for 180 gram audiophile vinyl copies and Japanese SACDs... ...but it was recorded in the early days of digital audio at 16/48.
I think instead of chasing better numbers, it's a good idea to chase down better sound. I'm always astonished to find people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars and spent years of their life working on improving numbers on a sheet of paper, and yet they haven't taken the most fundamental steps yet to improve the sound of their systems.
I'm beginning to think that you guys enjoy scientific testing better than listening to music.
 That's because of the number rabbit hole that people fall into when they believe better numbers always mean better sound. The truth is that 1% is fine. It's so far down below the signal, it doesn't make any difference when you're listening to music. Better specs are fine and dandy if they are easy and inexpensive to achieve, but it won't make better sound for human ears.
Boulez removes the Hungarian folk influences in Bartok and plays it as straight modern music. Personally, I think that is a huge mistake. The folk music influence is the most interesting aspect of Bartok's music for me.
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