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I don't know anyone who has anything like that. Do you? How much do those cost? I paid about $1000 for my Mac Mini and Airports. It runs my music libraries and my HD projection system for video.
What music servers are you talking about. I have a Mac Mini acting as my media server. It's stone flat, no audible distortion and has a noise floor well beyond audibility. It doesn't get better than that, but I suppose if you use a PC with a lousy sound card that isn't designed for music, it could get worse.   The nice thing about subjective impressions is that they just *are*. You can certainly verify or disprove them as many have already done, but that doesn't mean...
I've read reviews that say all kinds of things. I think the reviews are the wild card, not the DACs.
I usually check the equipment I buy right away so I can return it within the return window if it performs out of spec. I don't use DACs, but I've never had to send a CD, DVD or blu ray player back. None of my Apple products have had to go back either. Perhaps DACs are just funky.
Most DACs should be designed to be neutral. They should all sound the same too.   Speakers and rooms are what sound different.
I had an idea. Feel free any of you to steal this idea and make a million dollars. Make socks that slip over mono price cables to make them look fancy and toppers with glowing tubes to sit on top of solid state receivers to make them appear audiophile. Call them "Audiophakes" and sell them cheap. The bottom will drop out of the high end market!
The DACs have buffers to correct that don't they?
Both of those are advertised as having extraordinarily low jitter rates. How do you know they had problems with jitter?
 Please let us all know the brands/models and jitter specs for these DACs, because I don't know of any current product with jitter in the audible range.
I'd like to know that too. Jitter is such a rare beast, it might as well be a Jabberwock.
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