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How would you go about doing that when the dac is just wired in with audio ins and outs and power? There's no control wiring on DACs.
Even without dithering, the noise is still inaudible under music.
 I don't know what a clip is. I have checked every one of my Apple devices in a direct A/B line level matched comparison against the CD in my home system, and I can't discern a difference at all. That is all I need. I imagine there are crappy DAPs out there. I have no idea why anyone would buy them when transparent DACs cost about the same. If I bought something that altered the sound, I'd return it.
 Try to get that on your phone on the road with Starbucks wifi or 3g!
Software doesn't decode. That is all hard wired into the DAC chip. I doubt it's possible to update a DAC with a software update for a player. The Android software covers the user interface, not the way the DAC chip inside translates digital audio into analogue audio.
 LPs sounded pretty good. Then CDs were introduced and LP sound quality took a nose dive. For a while CDs sounded good. Then they introduced SACD and CDs started getting hot mastered. Now they are introducing HD tracks and blu-ray audio which supposedly has even bigger numbers (and copy protection). How many copies of Dark Side of the Moon can the record companies convince you to buy? Filesizes do matter. We are heading towards a world that replaces physical objects with...
 If a firmware update changed the sound of a player, I would be very suspicious that they were trying to correct for some sort of hardware problem with the amplifying circuitry by paving over it with a software kludge. In theory, the DAC should be what determines what a player sounds like, not the software. A player should take whatever the DAC puts out and just amplify it for the headphones. Software updates should be only for user interface and features. It shouldn't...
I've had iPod Generation 2, 3 and classic. iPhone 1, 3 and 5, iPad 1 & 2, Mac 8500AV, Mirror Door G5 (2 of them), the last top of the line liquid cooled powermac tower (2 of them), iMac 17 inch (three of them), iMac 27 inch, and Mac Mini... and I checked every one of them and they were all audibly identical... flat as a proverbial pancake. Transparent. Clean. Perfect sound.
Two very good consolation prizes...   Brilliant Classics Complete Cantatas same price   Or get everything Brilliant Classics Bach 157 CDs! For about 100 bucks shipped!
 Everyone is subject to expectation bias, myself included.
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