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I'll be interested to see the results of the lossy vs lossless listening test.
You aren't allowed to open the file on your recording rig, remember? You agreed that you would just listen and not examine waveforms. Just load it on your pono and listen and make notes on the samples from 1 to 10. Let me know which sounded best and worst, and which ones were in-between. Try and rank them as best as you can. When you post your results, I'll let you know what each sample is.
I have prepared the results for your listening test as soon as you'd like to post your impressions of samples 1 to 10. You said you would listen to the file in your Pono. I would be interested to hear if the Pono reveals artifacting that other players don't.
 Any results to post on the audio quality of the samples I sent you?
 Dithering has nothing to do with resolution. It's simply a tool for lowering the noise floor down even further below already pretty much inconsequential levels.
 Back in March, I sent you a test file with samples of various lossy codecs and bitrates, and you said you were going to listen to and identify the compressed samples. Have you had a chance to do that yet? If you let me know what you think of each sample 1 to 10, I'll let you know which ones are which.
Time for my Sally Field moment...  
I think it's a mistake to try to curb demands for attention by feeding it with more attention.
 Nope. You are human being, just like the rest of us in this thread. I'm subject to the effects of expectation bias and so are you. That's why we do controlled testing to determine if there actually is a difference and we don't just trust our impressions. It's also why we make the effort to understand how digital audio works, so we can sort out the things that are more likely to make an improvement in sound quality, and which things probably aren't.
Would someone like to help me update the original post in this thread? There are some broken links in there and the OP hasn't been around for some time to fix them.
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