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So I've had the straight cable since around mothers day, and it's already broken on me! Damn. They charge way too much for those things but I dont want to compromise on sound quality >:/
/mu/, pandora radio, and everywhere in between. Look hard for artists and you will find them. For example, I found this good artist called Guy Garcon on Tumblr, of all places. Turns out, he's really underrated and broke.
Not at all, I just want to be prepared so that I have something in mind when it comes time to buy a new pair. Oh, & I'm looking for something with as good as or better noise isolation than the TMA's.    
Well, they didn't sound the same, but it was hard to discern which was the best. It's hard to explain. Part of it was the fact that everyone in the class was being really loud, so it was hard to focus on aspects of different genres I tried out (guitar, drums, cymbals especially and backing vocals for rock; and bass definition & color in the music for electronica) since I had a bunch of loud high schoolers sitting around me.   Oh well, I'm sure that in the end, the...
Tried my friend's Bose today (, and I have to say, I can't spot a huge difference in the sound. This is discouraging to me. Everyone always talks about how bad the sound is, but I don't know if it really is that bad, or if the TMA's are just overpriced. Hm.
I think the kid's age in conjunction with the shirt he's wearing is really a great representation of the average Beats owner
  Not a bad movie.   Also lol:  
Posting again.   I have the TMA-1's, but I'm looking for something better after they inevitably break. I'd prefer something that has a great soundstage, isn't fatiguing on treble (or alternatively, responsive to EQing), and has a detachable cord.
I own the TMA's, and I'll admit, they look... a bit odd when they're on your head.   (not me lol)   Okay, they look downright silly.   But hey, that sound quality combined with that durability and a detachable cord? I'm happy
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