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First was Denon d2000,  Audio Technica ATH AD700, Grado sr80i, Koss TBSE1, Koss portapro, beyerdynamic dt 990 pro, AKG 721mkII, Etymotic HF5, superlux 681
Anyone ever use the Young June lavatube, I can get it from DHGate for $50, or does anyone know a cheaper place to get one Is there a better variable voltage ecig ?   Thanks
I had my Denon D2000 done by BTG, I went with the 8 strand 5 foot. I love it, so much easier to manage that the stock cable.   Brian does great work
Has anyone found the 662 EVO for sale yet?
Are the T50RP worth getting if no mods are being done, B&H has them for $107 seems like a good price. I'm really not a diy person so do these sound good with just a amp
Now I have to go into control panel/sound and manually switch between speakers and E7 each time I want to use it, before when I connected the E7 it would work and then auto switch back when I disconnected. Any idea how to make it auto switch again   Thanks
Seems to be working now, I tried the above steps a few more times and the third time I rebooted it started working
I was playing a game and paused to eat supper, when I came back I had no sound so I restarted the game but my speakers was working instead of the E7. I went into device manager and removed and when I connected it agin the drivers was reinstalled but still did not work. I checked control panel/sound made sure it was set to default and it is. I then used the reset button on the E7 and still won't work, I tested the amp part of the E7 and that works just can not get the DAC...
I ordered slappa full size headphone case, it holds my Denon D2000 or my DT 990 pro   It's 29.99 on Amazon
Marshalls has the Philips Citiscape Downtown for $29.00, I also picked up the PhilipsO'neil The Bend for $15
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