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I also bought the velours. They increase the comfort level without altering the sound drastically. I have only had one listening session with the new pads so YMMV. Considering pads for my other headphones can run $60. These velours are practically free.
Sorry for any issues anyone has had. First thing this morning when I went in  to the phone sales manager with the SKUs for the white and black S400s and told him the source of all these (attempted ) purchases. The problem is that most of our sales come from the 5 state region they referenced and most people who buy from us from out of that region have made some prior purchase.    We are are large retailer on a regional scale but are still adapting to a wider customer...
We are still in the phase of ironing out all the kinks in nationwide US shipping since we have to deal with sharing warehouses and inventory between the website and with our 3 stores. Not to mention the 10s of thousands of direct ship products. I will bring it up but it will probably end up on the 'someday' list.
We had them in stock this last weekend but I wanted to make sure I grabbed a pair before I shared.    I know we had 20 pair of Black in Omaha and 7 sold over the weekend. I wasn't in a huge hurry until I saw how many sold this weekend.   Most of NFMs business is regional within 200-300 miles of our stores but we are doing more and more nationwide business.There might have been some confusion regarding phone sales. I will check with the phone sales department...
Just picked these up from where I work. I can't believe after spending $75 on the s500 to get them from Japan I am buying their little brother for $23.99!   http://www.nfm.com/DetailsPage.aspx?ProductID=36579324   http://www.nfm.com/DetailsPage.aspx?ProductID=36579381   Not trying to push any sales. Just wanted to let people know that these are in the wild and what they are going for.
I posted earlier about the FA-011s being picky on sources and amps and I wanted to follow up. I am focusing on the treble because that seems to be what I am sensitive to with these headphones.   Pandora on Kindle Fire > CMOY BB > FA-011   Highs are smooth (Rolled off?) with well balanced sound   Clip+ > CMOY BB > FA-011 Some recordings are overly bright and sibilant. 75-ohm adapter takes the edge off the highs.   Marantz CC400OSE > Line Out > CMOY BB > FA-011...
  My ears, while large from top to bottom, don't stick out that much so removing the foam give them just enough room. They might be a little brighter in the treble but not much more than having the hole cut in the foam. I got mine last April/May and they didn't have a hole cut in the foam. I first cut out the hole and compared and then removed the foam completely. They are a liitle picky with Sources/Amps. Depending on the source they can be a little bright and sibilant...
You can reshape the top metal bands to reduce the clamping pressure. I removed the inner foam covering the driver and it give my ears a lot more room to breathe.    
Here is the contact info off their English site:   http://www.musicaacoustics.com/Contact_Us.html    
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