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I bought my HF3's for $180 at the apple store (Same thing as the HF5's but with a HQ mic and volume buttons)
Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead but I have a question. When I bought the HF3's I didn't know there was a version without the mic and volume control but I have lost the receipt and now I an unable to return them. I am also planning to recable them as well however will not having the resistor in the Y-Splitter affect the audio quality in any way?
I was looking for fun closed cans and was planning on getting the HFI-580's. Would the M50's be better in terms of price and audio quality?
I've looked through 5 pages so far, will give it another shot.       Also, currently I am wearing the Klipch S4 headphones. A lot of people call these headphones "fun" however I really can't tell why. Maybe they have to be burned like a lot of people do but to me they're nothing special.  
I got mine from the apple store so I'm pretty sure mine are real. The logo wearing off and the slightly bigger hole in the 3.5mm jack where the cord comes out of makes me very suspicious.
Although I have read a lot of good things about the ultrasone HFI 580's, they are $150 which is out of my strict budget. Does anybody know of similar sounding ultrasone's/other headphones?
    Which ones? There are several versions of the DT770's  
Hey guys, is there a Grado mod that reduces sound leakage and slightly reduces ambient noise? It would be nice to not disturb others on bus rides and plane trips
Hey guys,      I already created a thread before saying that I purchased the MDR7506 headphones from Sony and returned them a week later. The reason was the audio felt dead. There was very little bass, the sound stage was horrible, and the highs felt sharp. All of this made my ears fatigue and I literally could not enjoy my music. I am willing to sacrifice some detail in my music just to make it enjoyable. I am looking for warm bass and a large soundstage, as these...
Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead but I just want to update that the price for the M50's has jumped to $160 everywhere, from amazon to ebay.
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