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Okay, I've set up an appointment on Wednesday this week (Its actually today since its 12:03 am). Should I point out anything to to audiologist?
No, however I always knew I would have to one day
Okay here's the story:    About a year ago my mother had a contractor remodel her basement (it previously had a concrete floor, walls, and exposed fiberglass). One day I walked in and saw these bullet-like capsules on the ground. It turns out that they were black powder filled cartridges used for his rivet gun to put nails in the concrete because after accidentally smashing one with a hammer, I could barely hear anything for hours! Did you ever see a WW2 movie where a...
Good thing I used my Apple Store Credit to pay for them :)
Isn't this basically making cheap Shure olive's?
10 minutes into The book of Eli, Eli was wearing the Tours by Dr.Dre. Other than that its pretty much Monster headphones worn by Athletes and used in music video's
You made a great choice. My HF3's (HF5's but with mic and volume control) were lacking in bass however after around 20+ hours of burn in they got noticeably boomier
After owning the 7506's, I have to say I cannot trust sony anymore
V-Moda's. My friend is a huge fan of rap and hip-hop and says they are amazing
I have the S4's and the HF3's. The S4's when compared to the HF3's have a lot more bass however are much less detailed in the highs and mids. This is less of a difference as you burn in the HF3's since they become a little bit more boomier. If you must have a good amount of bass, get another pair of S4's. If not, get the HF3's for the amazing highs and mids.
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