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Thanks for the epic post but for some reason I'm still not convinced, I honestly don't know why. Anyways, I'm still considering getting the Sony's. Thanks for the help!
You obviously didn't see my budget that I had. Still, thanks for the suggestions!
I don't want an extremely powerful low end, just one that obviously does not make my music sound flat and makes my gaming experience I whole lot better. Other than the bass on the XB500 (Which I've read is for extreme bass heads and may be overpowering) it does not fit all my criteria, but thanks for the suggestion!
So it's been many months since I returned my Sony MDR-7506 headphone since they sounded very flat and I still can't decide on a good pair of headphones.   I have decided to lower my budget since I'm short on money but I still want to make a worthy investment. My budget is now around $50. I am looking for circumaural and closed headphone that will be worn very often and will be used to listen to a wide variety of electronic music as well as using them for gaming so...
I don't know exactaly how much it compares to the E9 however may I suggest a single tube amplifier such as the Bravo v2? I've heard its a great starters amp for people who want to get into tube amplifiers and offers a great bang for the buck especially when modified.
^This   Rice absorbs moisture so that is why it is often used to submerge cell phones that have water damage.
The Ultrasone HFI 580's and above are headphones some people refer to as being much better than the beats for a much lower price.
Hell no!
What music would you say make the HF3's really shine?
The HF5's focus more on the mids and highs. They lack in bass however it is very punchy
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