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Look at all of the shure headphones, they have detachable cables and you can change the cable with a rugged version which is much more durable
I got the kit a few days ago What it included was all the sizes for the silicon tips and the black foamies, as well as an ear wax cleaning tool. Thank you Shure!
SO I found my pair of SE115 headphones and I sent a nice message to Shure saying that my tips ripped. Long story short, they're gonna send me a fit kit. Did any of you guys get this kit and if so what does it include?
Thats a good option, however with my budget I would be able to buy a new pair of 280's which outperform my current Sennheiser drivers (HD 428). Unless there are much cheaper options out there' I'll probably just buy a pair of 280's.
So I'm looking to take my modded drivers out of my Senn's and put them in a pair of headphones that are built better and look better. My max budget is $80, preferably less. I thought about snatching  pair of V-Moda Crossfade LP's (Older brother to the M-80's) for $70 but that moment has yet to come. So basically I'm looking for an aesthetically pleasing pair of headphones that also look that they are meant to last.
My 428's greatly benefit from my vintage sony amplifier.
Rap, pop, hip hop, all of that crap most teenagers listen to. I just cant see how they can enjoy that junk. I respect their opinions and maybe they see something I don't in that music, I just can't stand it.
That is one pair of sexy IEM's
What is your estimated total cost?
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