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What do you guys think about the card? I just got mine and all I can say that my music sounds a bit cleaner and certain aspects of my music like vocals sound more "enhanced" I have yet to try it with Battlefield 3, gotta finish my homework first!
My HF3's work perfectly with my Sansa clip but not so much with my Creative Zen. In the Zen you have to hold the play button for the ground in the circuit to work :/
How would you say the E11 improves the audio of the HD 25's?
For my daily commutes, I use a 64Gb 1st Generation iPad or a clip+ with my AKG K 518 LE or Etymotic HF3 headphones. The iPad is too big for me and the clip+ is just too small for me (Battery life is a little short, GUI is too small, just the size of the DAP makes it un-ideal for me). Both headphones benefit from a little bit of amping, especially when using the the clip+ since it sounds more flat.   Right now I'm debating with myself what to get, a good DAP or a good...
Tangent wrote that? Oh my god TANGENT I LOVE YOU!   Oh the reason why I keep on having to hold the headphone plug at a certain angle is because I used the ones radioshack had. The switchcraft one has the springs which have more strength when it comes to holding in the headphone jack. I think I just have a bad pot and I was thinking of replacing it anyways since its too big. I'll post pics of my pref board that I made. Also, is there an enclosure somebody might...
I built the same exact design CMOY a few weeks ago. All I can say is boy is that thing sensitive! The audio input and output have to be held at a certain angle to work and I don't know if this is my pot or not but I always hear a massive amount of static whevever adjustinv volume. Also, sometimes the left channel gets no sound and the right channel stays at like %70 amplification, adjusting the pot fixes the problem. I'll probably save up for an iBasso D-Zero or get a...
I'll upload and PM you pick as soon as my mom brings back her Sony H70 from her trip, right now she's all the way in Russia :(
How are you liking the 428's? I modded mine by also recabling them but I also modded the 3 holes behind the drivers (One with the original mesh, one with tape and one left open) and filled the cups with synthetic cotton used in cheap stuffed animals. This gave the bass more presence in my opinion and added more variation to how the bass sounded since before I remember the bass had the same "punch" sound to it. However because the headphones are pretty big to wear in...
Oh okay, thanks for the link tho, I might even buy that since I think the Pallics plug is really sexy
To JuicyBruce:How did you solder to that Pallics plug? I'm afraid of screwing mine up so I still have mine. It'd be nice if I could make an LOD out of it.....   To WayTooCrazy: LOL!!!!
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