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Hey guys. So I just ordered parts for my Cmoy and I'd like to already on top of the Cmoy start building a Starving Student amp. I'm very new to the scene so I have a few questions I'd like for you guys to answer for me. Oh just before I ask, beautiful rig bengoshi! 1. Is it possible to have the parts excluding the enclosure and tubes to be under $50 without getting parts that really degrade sound quality? And how much would a pair of tubes sound, a relatively cheap...
That Palics jack to jack is BEAUTIFUL! I actually have the same Palics plug unused somewhere. It looks so beautiful in my opinion that I'm still waiting to hear a pair of headphones worthy of a recable with that plug :p   Will upload pics of my rig after my Cmoy parts come in.
I'm looking to buy my first serious pair of headphones. What I meant by solid is just in general a solid pair of headphones. With all of the new headphones unveiled at CESI'm wondering if there's something new that fits my needs.     Budget: $100-$175. I can go all the way to $200 but that's if there will be significant improvements. Music taste: I'm really into electronic now but I also listen to game and movie soundtracks so while the headphones do need a...
Get fun headphones since that's what I think your looking for Ultrasones HFi-580's and those sony XB-1000's are a good choice. You WILL be disappointed by the sennheisers
I know that the DAC on the Xonar DG is a Cirrus Logic CS4245, know anything about that? And thanks for the really helpful reply stv014!
I love my Xonar DG. Battlefield 3 sounds amazing with the virtual 7.1 audio and I think that it has a pretty decent onboard amplifier. Sound quality wise, I recall reading almost everywhere that there's not much difference in sound quality between the 3. The Titanium has some software that would give you more options in some (Mostly older) games and that software is also emulated on the Xonar's pretty well. Thats about it.   When choosing a sound card I needed one...
A lot of people are saying that the Xonar DS is a large step forward compared to the DG but all I see is just 192khz/24bit improvement over the 96khz/24bit lossless sound processing. Does anybody know if there is really much of an audible difference?   Also, how well does the DG stand up to entry level DAC's?
I think they are ventilation for the driver; to control the amount of air the driver can move which controls the bass. I suggest keep them the way they are. Can I ask what mods you were planning on doing? It would be nice to mod my K518 LE's.
Budget wise, I'd get the iBasso D-zero
I'm using it for non-powerhungry headphones and my 2 channel bookshelf setup that will soon be powered by a Lepia TA2020, its a highly efficient and very small speaker amplifier that doesn't sacrifice sound quality, replacing a vintage Sony amplifier that I currently have.
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