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Will snap pics soon but I'm using my newly arrived Sansa Clip+ and my Sony MDR7506 headphones. I will most likely buy a PA2V2 since I am still lacking in bass in my music.
Its says not compatible with the HD if you read the description :p
I just bought a new 2 Gb one off eBay for $34, and to be honest knowing that I could have gotten a refurbished 4 Gb for around the same price doesn't really make me feel riped off. The Clip+ is still in my opinion  heavily underpriced quality DAP and I would have paid $50 for it and still feel like it was a good deal.
the Beats Pro's have decent bass, they might as well chrome plate the Pro's as the Studio's are worthless.
I just purchased a Clip+. If I am not going to be using any EQ setting and I don't care about the appearance of the UI, why should I still put Rockbox on it?   Some people say that the batter life gets extended a few hours and the sound quality gets a little better, can anybody justify this?
I have done much thinking and I have decided that I will be buying the Sandisk Sansa Clip+. A lot of people on this site seem to love this player for the size, price, and audio quality. It is under $40 and fist everything that I wanted.   Thanks for all the help guys :)
I have heard good things about the audio quality of the Sansa Fuze and the Clip+, will they be an upgrade from my cheap Zen and the onboard audio on my PC?
  Hello Head-Fi,    I have owned many MP3 players before. I've owned iPod's, Creative Zen's, and many other players that never really gave me audio quality but a pretty screen and capacity I will never fill up (at least not without any lossless support). I have just purchased a pair of Sony MDR7506 headphones, and I'm loving the audio quality. However, my audio source is the onboard audio on my motherboard and my Creative Zen MP3 player.   I am looking for an MP3...
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