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I might be making the same mistake as you right now but I remember hearing the 5.0 being based off of the GS II so it is very likely that it has the Yamaha DAC inside of it. The one found inferior to the Wolfson DAC that as you know, everybody loves.
Fuze and clip sound almost the same, I have both. The GUI and build quality of the Fuze makes my Clip+ collect dust. However I must warn you that when it comes to driving headphones, the Sansa's are not very good. Still, a great choice if you are looking for a player within that price range.
The SGS's sound quality is far superior than anything that Sansa is selling right now. I'd say any player that's an upgrade from the SGS is the RoCoo and the HiFi-Man players. Neither will give you the GUI that the Android OS has.
OP, seeing as how the speakers aren't very sensitive and will require power to sound their best, stay away from the Lepai. I have it and it sound marvelous after a few modifications but only for very sensitive speakers. They output power on the amplifier is just too low for your needs.   Then again, looking at your budget and seeing as this isn't a major project that your doing, the Lepai may be just right for your needs. Just upgrade the power brick to something...
I have the lepai TA2020A+ and it is a massive bang for the buck. The reason why the amplifier is only $25 is because they cheaped out on many of the parts, Spend $20 on the amplifier, a much better power supply ($15), and find a guide online including the parts that you can buy to upgrade the quality of the components inside. The outcome will be an amplifier that is able to outperform a lot of amplifiers in it's price range when it comes to sound quality (NOT driving...
Not saying it's a better option, but any of the Galaxy S phones (Not S2) have superb sound quality after you take a few minutes to install a kernel with the voodoo sound enhancement.
There's nothing CHEAP that can compare to the SGS's sound quality after the voodoo enhancement.
I have the same phone as you OP, the SGS 4G for T-Mobile. With the voodoo kernel the sound is very clean and I recommend you follow the posted guide above on how to config voodoo for an amplifier. I use mine with my Cmoy and the sound is absolutely fantastic!
I'm using the stock Gingerbread ROM however using a kernel that is very close to stock, just with the voodoo lagfix which should include voodoo sound and a few other tweaks. For battery life, performance, and the closest thing I can get to vanilla Gingerbreak, what ROM's do you guys suggest? I'm using Galaxy S 4G which AFAIK has most ROM's made for Galaxy S.
Just got my mom's Galaxy S 4G after she upgraded to the S2 and I must say with the Voodoo kernel the phone sounds better than it did stock. Only problem is now I'm forced to carry an additional battery with me as the battery life with the kernel is very poor.
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