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So I purchased a starving student PCB a long time ago from the member Fred_fred2004 and unfortunately I do not have enough free time or knowledge to go through the 400+ page original thread of this headphone amplifier. Can somebody with experience building one using this PCB tell me exactly everything they needed to complete the amplifier, excluding the enclosure? Perhaps they can share their mouser parts list or something along the lines of that, it would be very much...
In my opinion it's not really worth it unless you'll be putting more money into the Classic. I bought my 30gb 5th gen for $50 and I'm kind of regretting it. I'd only use a harddrive based player if it offered superior storage space compared to flash players and with those capacities available I recommend you to get something along the lines of a Fuze with a 32 or 64gb microsd card.
This could be my setup after I get my DT770 250 ohm headphones, I'd love to hear somebody's opinion on how well the headphones pair with the amp and dac.
I'me in the same exact situation myself, I've had my eyes on the Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones for a while now, I recommend you look into them.
Can anybody recommend the most optimal battery config using 1.2v rechargeable batteries? Would using 4 to create 4.8v be sufficient for a 5v charger?
I'd love to see something like this except instead of using an expensive 9v how about some rechargeable 1.2v AAs?
I've been looking around for quite some time for an audio solution for my desktop (Amp+Dac) that won't leave my wallet empty again but will provide much superior audio. I've been looking around and a Chinese company named S.M.S.L caught my attention. Their audio products seemed to be exactly what I was looking for; sound and build quality at an affordable price, specifically the SD-793II. What stopped me was the lack of information on their products. I'm not one to gamble...
So the phone ITSELF is in visibly mint condition? I think the first thing a buyer will do is take that horrendous skin off to see how it is underneath, would you be able to do that and upload another pic or two? I'm looking at this for collection reasons.
Just google comparisons of your sony player to some Cowon devices or others, and then read about the GS's comparison to the Cowon's or whatever.
I might be making the same mistake as you right now but I remember hearing the 5.0 being based off of the GS II so it is very likely that it has the Yamaha DAC inside of it. The one found inferior to the Wolfson DAC that as you know, everybody loves.
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